Texas Tractor Trailer Accident Lawsuit Alleges Serious Injuries

Severe injuries are named as the primary cause behind a Texas tractor trailer accident lawsuit filed on behalf of a Texas resident.

According to the Texas tractor trailer accident lawsuit, the plaintiff was operating his vehicle in November 2015 in Brooks County, Texas. The employee of the defendant trucking company was operating his Peterbilt tractor trailer rig at the same time, traveling south going in the same direction as the plaintiff.

The Texas tractor trailer accident lawsuit states that the defendant did not properly control the speed of the truck and ultimately struck the plaintiff’s vehicle. Severe and life-changing injuries are alleged by the plaintiff.

According to the Texas tractor trailer accident lawsuit, the defendant was a professional driver and therefore owed a duty of care to the plaintiff and for that reason, the driver is accused of failing to take appropriate evasive action, failing to keep a proper lookout, changing lanes when it was unsafe, failing to operate the vehicle in a reasonable and prudent manner, reckless driving and failing to maintain appropriate control and speed of the vehicle under the circumstances in question.

The plaintiff suffered severe damages and injuries as result of the Texas tractor trailer accident, including distress, loss of enjoyment of life, pain and suffering, mental anguish and loss of potential earning capacity in the future.

He is fighting for maximum compensation for the severity of his injuries, both in the past and in the future related his medical conditions tied to the accident.

Dangers of Trucking Accidents

Trucking accidents can be especially complex because multiple parties may be held accountable, including the truck driver and the employer of that truck driver..

Excessive speed is all too often a claim in major trucking accidents. Once a truck begins moving at a high rate of speed, it’s much harder to stop than a traditional vehicle. Truck drivers need extra space and time to slow down or stop their vehicle.

semi-truck-accident-in-texasWhen the driver is engaged in any kind of dangerous behavior, such as speeding, driving while drowsy, or distraction, that driver may be unable to gain control of the truck before a major accident happens..

If other parties are injured or killed as a result, a personal injury claim may follow. Injury claims may name any negligent party after a thorough accident investigation has been completed.

Consulting with an experienced attorney as soon as possible is strongly recommended if you’ve been hurt in a Texas trailer accident.

The size and weight of tractor trailers traveling throughout Texas can make the scene of such an accident especially gruesome and can lead to life-changing injuries including broken bones, fractures, internal organ damage, TBIs, whiplash and spinal cord injuries.

If you’ve been affected by a semi-truck accident, you need an attorney who will fight hard on your behalf. Reach out to the team at McDonald Worley today for a free case review.


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