Texas Drivers Face Danger of Car Accidents During Christmas

Texans, as well as drivers in most states, face additional risk on the road during the Christmas driving season.

According to an insurance company’s report of claims in Texas, Dec. 18 and Dec. 24 ranked as the worst days for collisions in Texas.

Freeway Insurance Services Inc. reports that a number of factors likely contributed to the increased accident rate of car accidents during Christmas, including distracted driving and severe weather.

This report corroborates with a report by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), who announced that December is the most dangerous month to drive.

In addition to weather issues, drivers face other distracted drivers, crowded mall parking lots, and inexperienced drivers who take to the road during the holiday season..

While it is always important to drive defensively, says the insurance agency, it is especially important for drivers to use extra caution during the winter holidays.

Drivers can turn to a few easy tips to avoid car accidents during Christmas:

  • Never drink and drive, obviously. Call a friend, taxi, or rideshare if uncertain.
  • Put cell phones and other distractions away. If a driver needs to deal with children, pets, shopping bags, or the GPS, they should pull over into a safe area.
  • Be mindful of driving conditions, including heavy traffic and weather. Drivers should always follow the speed limit, but as frustrating as it may be, in severe winter weather or heavy holiday traffic, drivers may need to slow down to stay safe.

In addition to the above tips to avoid car accidents during Christmas, drivers can also ensure their vehicle is ready to hit the road by getting any necessary service, checking lights and emergency items.

big-rig-crash-in-texasAnother factor in winter driving is darkness. It is a fact of life during Christmas in the Northern hemisphere – the days are shorter.

Drivers can avoid car accidents during Christmas by being cautious during nighttime driving and ensuring their head and tail lights are functioning properly.

Long winter road trips to visit friends and family can also factor into an increased rate of car accidents during Christmas. Be aware that other drivers may not be familiar with the area and may drive erratically. Drivers in an unfamiliar place should take time to know where they are going.

Drivers hitting the highway on road trips should make a point to ensure that their vehicles are ready. Tires and lights should be checked. Emergency supplies, including food and water should be packed along as well.

It is also important to ensure drivers are rested and alert while on the road to avoid car accidents during Christmas. Take enough breaks or rotate drivers to ensure everyone arrives to enjoy the holiday season.

Safe driving and awareness can help drivers avoid car accidents during Christmas, but if you or a loved one do happen to be injured in a car accident over the holidays, contact an experienced McDonald Worley attorney for help.


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