Should I Hire a Lawyer After a Fender Bender?

Last year in Texas, about 1 reportable crash occurred every 57 seconds. Because not all car accidents result in significant injuries, it might be tough to decide whether hiring a lawyer after your most recent incident is right.

So should you hire a car accident lawyer after getting in a fender bender? What are the benefits of doing so, and is it really worth your time?

That’s what we’re here to look at today. Read on to find out more about whether hiring a lawyer after a fender bender is right for you.

You Don’t Know the Extent of the Damage

While you might think that a fender bender isn’t major enough to involve any legal action, looks can be deceiving. Most drivers want to exchange some insurance information and be on their way, though that’s not always the case.

For instance, someone’s car might’ve been affected. Car repairs can cost a lot of money, which means a lawsuit or a hefty insurance claim might be imminent.

Whatever it may be, you never know the full extent of the damage even for something as minor as a fender bender. In a case like this, it’s a good idea to hire a lawyer in case you have to enter legal proceedings.

Injuries Because of Fender Bender

While you might think it’s unlikely, injuries are definitely possible for minor accidents like fender benders. This could happen to both you and the other driver.

You might’ve sustained a serious injury that you don’t even notice until days later. Maybe the same thing happened to the other driver. Adrenaline might delay some of the pain, which is why you might not feel it immediately.

Soft tissue injuries might result from a fender bender, as drivers experience muscle stiffness or pain way after the accident. There’s also the possibility of a head injury that leads to headaches and nausea.

Sustaining an injury after an accident means you or the other person has to pay medical bills and potentially miss work. This often leads to seeking compensation through legal action, which is where a lawyer comes in.

So Should You Hire a Lawyer?

If you’ve sustained a serious injury or damaged your vehicle after a fender bender, it’s a good idea to hire a car accident lawyer. They’ll support you while you get the right amount of compensation for your accident.

The same could be said for the other driver affected in the accident. They might press charges and look for compensation. In these cases, having a car accident lawyer is extremely helpful.

While a lawyer might seem a little overboard for something as minor as a fender bender, expensive compensation and lawsuits are a real worry. As such, it’s a good idea to have an attorney by your side during this process.

Understanding the Value of a Lawyer After Fender Bender

Anyone who experiences a car accident, no matter how major or minor, should hire a lawyer just in case. Use this article to help you understand why they’re so valuable and decide whether a lawyer is right for you.

Are you looking for a reliable car accident attorney in the Houston area? Contact us today and we’ll get you started on a solution right away!


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