Rite Aid Truck Accident Causes Injuries, Prompts Lawsuit

A lawsuit has been filed against Rite Aid and trucking company J.B. Hunt after a critical semi-truck accident led to injuries.

In September 2013, a driver was transporting products on behalf of Rite Aid in Irvington County, New Jersey. After arriving to carry out the delivery at that Rite Aid store, the defendant allegedly did not park in the proper lot to unload. The tractor trailer was instead parked on the public roadway near the store’s location.

Since the tractor trailer was blocking the lane, as the plaintiff approached he realized he would have to enter into the other lane, which included traffic coming from the opposite direction, the lawsuit states.

An oncoming motor vehicle, however, struck the plaintiff’s car at that time, causing the Rite Aid truck accident. Due to the injuries sustained by the victim, both J.B. Hunt, the trucking company, and Rite Aid are named as defendants in the lawsuit. The Rite Aid truck accident lawsuit purports that both the store and the truck driver should have been responsible for parking the truck in a safe location.

Due to the severe injuries sustained by the plaintiff in the accident, significant medical costs are now required in order to manage his life. Furthermore, the Rite Aid truck accident lawsuit alleges that the plaintiff’s life is significantly changed due to the pain and emotional anguish he has suffered.

Most truck drivers will take great care in order to park properly and to warn others when they have blocked traffic. Flashing hazard lights, for example, may be used to alert other drivers of the oncoming obstacle.

Furthermore, facilities accepting and sending off deliveries often make use of loading areas well out of the flow of traffic. Taking these precautions can reduce the chance of severe accidents and injuries.

As is shown in this Rite Aid truck accident, lawsuits involving commercial trucks often include multiple liable parties. A prompt investigation of the accident scene is important for the purpose of identifying who could be held responsible. When anyone is injured or killed near a site in which a trucking accident could have been prevented, injured parties or their surviving family members may be eligible to pursue an injury claim..

Who’s Responsible for Semi-Truck Accident Injuries?

Injuries sustained in a trucking accident may require surgery, medications, and rehabilitation for the victim.. Severe injuries from which most victims suffer will require long-term medical assistance and could even lead to permanent disability. These factors are considered by the courts in determining whether someone could be held liable and in identifying the appropriate damage amounts.

Have you or someone you know lived through an experience similar to the Rite Aid truck accident outlined above? If so, you may have grounds to file a personal injury claim with the help of a dedicated lawyer.

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