Physiomesh Lawsuit Filed After Failed Hernia Repair Surgery

A new lawsuit has been filed against Johnson & Johnson and Ethicon Incorporated by Florida residents as a result of dangerous injuries caused by the hernia mesh known as Physiomesh.

The Physiomesh lawsuit alleges that the defendants are responsible for inappropriate marketing, distribution, labelling and manufacture of dangerous and defective mesh products that injure consumers.

Physiomesh is made out of polypropylene and is generally used for hernia repair, but a growing number of lawsuits argue that the manufacturer refuses to accept the severe complications caused by polypropylene.

According to some claims, the material used by Physiomesh maker Ethicon are lighter weight than former designs. Due to the weaker device, more patients have reported that the hernia mesh is breaking apart inside of them.

Physiomesh Lawsuit Seeks Damages for Injured Patient

The patient who filed the Physiomesh lawsuit was implanted with the Physiomesh product in 2012 and less than one month later it adhered to the plaintiff’s small intestine. A separate surgery was required to remove the failed Physiomesh device.

the ivc filter market continues to grow despite complicationsThe Physiomesh product was developed for surgeon use during hernia repair surgeries and the marketing of the product illustrated that it was a safe and effective product for assistance with hernia repair.

The plaintiffs, however, alleged serious physical and emotional injuries in the Physiomesh lawsuit including unreasonable risks that they were not made aware of prior to having the surgery.

Some of the adverse event reports named in the Physiomesh lawsuit include deformation of the mesh, migration, rejection, infection, chronic inflammation, failure or incorporation, abscess, erosion, and adhesion to internal organs. Any patient who begins to experience unexplained side effects after a hernia repair surgery with Physiomesh should report those concerns to the attending physician.

A voluntary product recall was initiated by the manufacturer in the spring of 2016 regarding the Physiomesh product after two different international device registries captured information about re-operation and recurrence rates being higher than normal when compared with other types of mesh.

As of 2017, the FDA has not recalled the Physiomesh product, but patients should still schedule a meeting with their doctor to talk about next steps if they have already been negatively impacted. Some patients who have suffered life-threatening complications are filing lawsuits in an effort to hold the manufacturer accountable and prevent others from suffering in similar situations.

What’s Behind the Physiomesh Lawsuit?

The Physiomesh lawsuit argues that the defendants failed to issue a nationwide recall in the United States and instead chose to remove the product from shelves and discontinue sales within the country.

If you or someone you know has been seriously injured by these mesh products and have had to go through re-operation or revision surgery you may be eligible to recover compensation in a Physiomesh lawsuit.

The lawyers at McDonald Worley work hard to represent victims of defective medical devices, including Physiomesh. To find out if you’re eligible to file a legal claim, call the attorneys at McDonald Worley today for a free case evaluation.


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