Physiomesh Injury Lawsuit Alleges Poor Design

The Physiomesh device manufactured by Ethicon is the subject of a new Physiomesh injury lawsuit filed on behalf of patients who have suffered severe and life-changing injuries.

Physiomesh was used for laparoscopic hernia repair among other medical conditions. It was frequently sold or implanted with a SecureStrap fixation device and led to critical injuries for affected patients. The lawsuit was filed against defendants Johnson & Johnson and Ethicon.

According to the physiomesh injury lawsuit, the defendants had a responsibility to properly test the safety of the physiomesh product by using multiple controlled studies.

The Physiomesh injury lawsuit states that patients suffered due to their lack of awareness about the severe injury risks associated with the product itself.

Many patients came forward with adverse event reports after experiencing severe problems following implantation. These included rejection, infection, chronic pain, recurrence of hernia, foreign body response, erosion, abscess, chronic inflammation, improper wound healing, scarification, deformation of mesh, tissue damage, nerve damage, seroma formation and more.

The multilayer coating is the primary problem named in the physiomesh injury lawsuit because it causes a chronic and inflammatory response in the body. This makes it difficult for the product to be removed and can also lead to migration throughout the patient’s body. Development of seroma is tied to the adherence of the physiomesh product.

hernia-mesh-lawsuitOther legal claims against Physiomesh argue that there’s a higher chance a hernia will come back because of the defective design of the product itself.

The lighter material used in the Physiomesh product was originally thought to allow for better implantation with the patient, but reports show that it’s much easier for an organ to push through.

Other allegations listed in the Physiomesh injury lawsuit argue that the multilayer coating of the product is a breeding ground for bacteria which makes it impossible for the body’s immune response to appropriately eliminate all of the bacteria.

This can cause severe infections that the patient may not even be aware of until it is too late to address them in full. The infections caused by these bacteria and resulting problems can cause unnecessary pain and frustration for the patient, who might not even realize the Physiomesh product is to blame.

Many patients don’t realize that the mesh has adhered to other parts of their body until they begin to experience pain and schedule a visit with their doctor.

Depending on the severity of the adhesion and the length of time the mesh has been inside the patient, removal may be difficult or even impossible. Longer and more advanced surgeries to remove this mesh carry their own set of risks, including infection.

If you have been injured as a result of the physiomesh product, you may have grounds to file a legal claim. Consult with an experienced attorney at McDonald Worley today. The case review is FREE.


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