Nursing Home Attack Leads to Retirement Home Being Shut Down

A few months following a nursing home attack on an 86-year-old resident of the facility, a Florida retirement home has been closed entirely.

A resident at the Good Samaritan Retirement Home in Williston reportedly beat another 86-year-old resident and raised concerns over the safety of elderly and vulnerable individuals in the very facilities designed to help them.

In this particular case, a 52-year-old resident was hitting an 86-year-old resident who had dementia. The older victim lay on the floor as he was punched more than 50 times.

Allegedly, the event occurred because the younger attacker said the older resident had eaten his cupcake. The closed-circuit surveillance system at the nursing home identified the attack and it was later turned over to the police. The assisted living facility reportedly had numerous violations on record.

nursing home abuse more common that previously thought

The beating in the video lasted for approximately two minutes and occurred in a common area of the facility.

No staff member was attending to that unit and no one was responsible for reviewing the video surveillance system at the time of the incident.

By the time staff arrived on the scene of the attack, the elderly man had already suffered significantly in the form of hip pain and bruising and swelling to his face.

Following that nursing home attack, another resident struck her head after a fall and was not immediately taken to the hospital. She later passed away. 

According to a recent report, the nursing home attack was not an isolated incident for that particular facility. More sanctions had been assessed against the Williston retirement home in the past five years than with any other assisted living facility in Florida. Two administrators were recently arrested in connection with elderly neglect charges in that nursing home.

Nursing Home Safety Concerns

Nursing homes have a responsibility to maintain safe facilities and to respond to any concerns of a nursing home attack immediately. Since the elderly are particularly vulnerable to serious physical and emotional injuries following an attack, the consequences for an identified attack may be serious.

Unfortunately, an attack is one such indication of nursing home abuse or neglect. A nursing home attack may occur at the hands of staff members or other residents, but it causes severe injuries no matter who initiates the incident.

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