Woman Injured in a Hit-and-run Accident in Central Las Vegas

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The Las Vegas police informed that a woman was critically injured in a hit-and-run that occurred in a central valley parking lot on Thursday morning.

According to a Metropolitan Police Department, the woman was hit in a lot at 501 S. Rancho Drive, south of Alta Drive.
The accident was reported around 9:50 a.m. The police did not close any road while working on the investigation.

Shortly after the accident, they reported that they have no information on the suspect driver.

Pedestrian accidents are not uncommon in Nevada. In fact, this is a state with some of the highest rates of injured pedestrians. Also, hit-and-run accidents happen frequently, which makes the investigation even harder.

The injured victim has no party to sue; therefore it is hard for them to seek compensation claims for their injuries.

Pedestrians can also be at fault in such accidents. They often act carelessly, crossing the road in unmarked places. But, no matter whose fault the accident is, the injured pedestrian can still seek compensation claims.

A pedestrian has no protection and has a high risk of fatal outcomes and severe injuries when a car or other vehicle strikes.
If you were injured in such an accident, hire a personal injury or pedestrian accident attorney. Once you get better and feel that you can function properly, it is time to file that lawsuit.

Don’t let time pass and act fast.

Your attorney will counsel you on how to file your lawsuit and what steps you need to take. Insurance companies are not very fond of paying high claims, so they will make sure they offer the lowest amount. Your attorney will not accept it and will keep negotiating until you reach a reasonable claim.

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