Pedestrian Dies in an Ambulance Crash in Nye County

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Nye County Sheriff’s Office Deputies responded to a scene of a fatal accident that occurred on Thursday morning. A Pahrump Valley Fire-Rescue Ambulance came to help at the scene, in which a pedestrian lost their life.

SR 160 was closed at South Dandelion for a few hours. Nye County Sheriff Office Deputies helped Nevada Highway Police with the investigation.

Nevada Highway Police will come up with more information on how the accident occurred and what was the reason for it as soon as they complete the investigation.

Pedestrians have the highest risk of being injured or killed in an accident. Drivers are protected in their vehicles, while pedestrians have nothing to keep them safe.

And although it is not untrue that pedestrians are often at fault for causing accidents, they are still exposed to the risk of severe injuries. This is why, even when they are at fault, pedestrians are eligible to file a lawsuit and seek a compensation claim.

When seeking your claim, you must have a skilled pedestrian accident attorney by your side. Going into this process on your own can be confusing and complicated, and you could easily get lost in it, especially when you fight against big insurers.

Your lawyer will fight the insurance company for you. The insurance company would do their best to underpay you, especially if you carry part of the fault. Going into the process with an attorney will ease things for you. Having a lawyer who knows what to say and do next will help you stress out less and remain focused on your recovery.

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