New Lawsuit Includes Claims of Gum Bleeding

An injured plaintiff from Virginia has filed a gum bleeding lawsuit based on claims his use of caused the painful side effect. Plaintiff George S. began using the medication in August of 2013. He says he was prescribed to treat deep vein thrombosis.

According to the lawsuit, George developed a number of serious injuries due to use, including gum bleeding. Intermittent gum bleeding allegedly occurred in May 2016.

has been widely prescribed across the U.S. in recent years as an oral anticoagulant. The major reasons doctors prescribe are for treatment of DVT, pulmonary embolism and to reduce the risk of stroke.

Gum Bleeding Side Effect

was originally introduced in the U.S. in 2011 and was marketed as an alternative to warfarin, a medication serving many of the same purposes that had been in used for decades. According to this and other gum bleeding and internal bleeding lawsuits, the clinical studies used to support the FDA approval of the drug were flawed and gave an inaccurate picture of the risks of the medication.

marketing of risperdal places manufacturers under scrutinyOther clinical studies showed information different than what was presented by the company as they sought FDA approval.

The studies presented, for example, referenced the ease of the once-a-day dosing schedule.

This was marketed as one of the leading reasons for doctors to prescribe in contrast to other options.

However, research shows that the use of without twice-a-day dosing, blood monitoring, and dose adjustment could present serious risks for patients. This can lead to life-threatening bleeding events, many of which have been reported in lawsuits. Some people who suffered these internal bleeds were not able to get help in time and passed away.

Other legal claims about the dangers of with regard to gum bleeding and other side effects are based on the lack of a reversal agent. No reversal agent for these side effects existed for much of the time was available on the U.S. market, putting patients at risk for life-threatening symptoms.

In addition to failing to warn doctors and patients about the potential risks of gum bleeding and other medical conditions, the manufacturers are accused of excessive promotion of the drug and making it appear safer than it is in order to boost sales. The manufacturers have shared on their own website that more than 7 million people around the globe have received a prescription for it.

Many people have filed gum bleeding and internal bleeding lawsuits after developing these medical conditions while using . If not caught quickly, an internal bleed can lead to fatal injuries..

These lawsuits allege that the drug makers knew about the risks and failed to warn the medical community and potential users about the need for monitoring or twice-daily dosing, putting patients at risk for unnecessary bleeding side effects. 

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