Study Finds Many Distracted Drivers Call Texas Home

According to a new analysis of the top 20 states that have the most distracted drivers, Texas can be found. A research study conducted by Zendrive, reported that Texas is the 17th worse state in the United States when it comes to distracted drivers using their phones. In general, distracted driving includes drivers looking at their smartphones on 88 out of every 100 trips.

distracted-driving-car-accidentDuring an hour long trip, the Zendrive study found that drivers spent an average of more than three and a half minutes looking at their phones. Some Texas drivers even admitted that they use their phones to check social media, to listen to music or to be reachable for phone calls.

This can lead to a significant accident risk. Looking down at your phone for just a couple of seconds while traveling at 55 mph, for example, means that you could travel as far as the length of a football field without keeping your eyes on the road ahead.

During this time, being unaware of obstacles or being unable to control the car could lead to catastrophic consequences and severe accidents. Distracted drivers may even admit to their behavior and share that they believe it’s a problem overall but still continue to engage in checking their phone behind the wheel..

In all school zones, texting and driving is banned and certain northern Texas cities also have a full ban in place. In addition, various educational efforts and legislative actions have attempted to curb the distracted driving behavior in Texas due to the number of people negatively affected. All drivers can cause accidents when participating in distracted driving but teenagers tend to be more likely than other age groups who participate or at least admit to their distracted driving behavior.

The research study also found that the most distracted driving behavior is happening in Vermont followed by Mississippi, Louisiana, and Alabama. The least distracted drivers can be found in Oregon, as drivers reportedly spend only 2.2 minutes per hour on their phone. Distracted driving may pull your attention away from the road for just a couple of seconds but often that is just enough to lead to life changing accidents.

The gruesome scenes of many distracted driving accidents are used to help discourage the behavior. The accidents can lead to fatal injuries or severe and life-changing problems such as paralysis, spinal cord damage and traumatic brain injuries.

Distracted drivers, unfortunately, claim far too many lives, leads to significant dollars spent in terms of lost productivity and damages, and have far reaching consequences for anyone injured in an accident. Although many people are guilty of using their phones, not all will necessarily admit it.

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