Memphis Facility Hit with $50K in Fines for Nursing Home Neglect

The owners and operators of a nursing home in Memphis, Tenn. are facing $50,000 in fines after regulators uncovered multiple instances of neglect, including one case that led to the death of a resident.

Ashton Place Health and Rehabilitation Center was hit with allegations of widespread nursing home neglect. In addition to the fines, the facility can no longer admit any new residents; however, top officials at the nursing home say that they had no idea of the extent of the problems.

The regulator’s report cited several forms of nursing home neglect, including:

  • Failure to follow physician’s orders, leading to physical harm to residents;
  • Failure to provide prescriptions; and
  • Failure to tell physicians of residents’ deteriorating conditions.

The report describes the harrowing experience of one unfortunate resident of Ashton Place. In October, a patient, who had been sent to the hospital for ulcers on multiple occasions, died at the hospital for untreated wounds.

During his hospitalization, maggots were discovered in his wounds. The report also notes that at prior visits, hospital staff accounted for wounds on the patient that were not recorded by Ashton Place staff.

“ was not assessed regularly nor did he receive his pain medication regularly,” says the regulator’s report.

nursing home abuse more common that previously thoughtOther instances of nursing home neglect detailed in the report include allowing a resident to languish for hours in her own stools and letting another resident choke after pulling out her own oxygen tube.

Regulators also uncovered Ashton Place records that indicated one resident only got 26 of 106 prescribed doses for morphine and 37 of 106 prescribed doses of Lyrica.

In another shocking instance of nursing home neglect included in the report, a woman with ovarian cancer deteriorated, but her condition was not reported to her doctor. Further, says the report, staff members likely gave the woman the wrong medication and did nothing when the woman vomited.

Nursing Home Neglect

The elderly and disabled are some of the most vulnerable members in society. Unfortunately, this means that the approximately 1.6 million currently living in nursing homes are susceptible to abuse and neglect in the facilities that are supposed to care for them.

According to a recent report to Congress, nursing home neglect is rampant across the country, with nursing home abuse reported in 9,000 instances over two years. Nursing home neglect includes:

  • Failure to provide adequate medical care
  • Failure to provide adequate nutrition and/or hydration
  • Inadequate sanitation and hygiene
  • Accidents and falls that are preventable

Evidence of nursing home neglect can include untreated bedsores, under or over medication of residents, malnutrition, and dehydration.

Facilities often cite lack of resources and skilled workers for nursing home neglect. In response to the report to Congress, industry representatives argue that most facilities meet or exceed federal standards. However, instances of severe abuse and neglect, like at Ashton Place in Memphis still occur.

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