Lawsuit After a Car Accident Filed Against Apple Employee

An Apple employee was recently accused of killing a woman in an Austin, Texas crash by relatives of the woman who died. The family claims in the lawsuit after a car accident that the Apple employee was responsible for causing the crash. A witness says that when the deceased pulled away from a stop sign to turn left, there was plenty of room and time for her to make the turn, although the Apple employee named in the lawsuit allegedly accelerated to nearly 65 miles an hour while also changing lanes.

The speed limit posted in that area was 40 miles per hour and the family who filed the lawsuit after a car accident allege that the Apple employee is responsible for dangerous behavior.

Allegedly, that Apple employee struck the other party’s vehicle from the side and the victim suffered fatal injuries. The Apple employee named as responsible in the lawsuit after a car accident was on a trip to Austin for Apple at the time.

The family who filed the lawsuit after a car accident say that the employee in question was headed to Austin’s Apple campus just a few miles away from the crash site.

Family members may be entitled to file a lawsuit after a car accident if a loved one has been killed due to another person’s negligent or dangerous behavior.

For those victims who survive a vehicle accident, they may be able to file their own personal injury claim. However, in the most devastating of vehicle accidents, the only person eligible to file a lawsuit after a car accident may be the surviving family members.

Someone who suffers fatal injuries either at the scene of the accident or dies associated with the injuries they received in such an accident may have family members file a lawsuit after a car accident on their behalf.

xarelto internal bleeding lawsuit claims wrongful deathThese are known as wrongful death lawsuits and aim to recover compensation for the surviving family members on behalf of the person who was killed.

In typical personal injury lawsuits, some of the damages recovered by victims or surviving family members include lost wages, payment for medical bills associated with the accident, as well as pain and suffering.

Any person struck in such an accident may not be able to return to work or live their life as they did prior to the accident. The support provided by an attorney may be critical for recovering compensation.

In these situations, consulting with an experienced personal injury or wrongful death lawyer is extremely important for family members looking to protect their interests.

If you are thinking about filing a lawsuit after a car accident, schedule a consultation with the experienced attorneys at McDonald Worley today.

Disclaimer: McDonald Worley is not representing the plaintiff in this lawsuit.


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