John Christner Trucking Accident Lawsuit Claims Severe Injuries

A Louisiana woman says that she suffered severe injuries after a John Christner truck veered into her lane in October of 2016 and caused an accident.

Breanna F. alleges in her John Christner Trucking accident lawsuit that negligence on the part of the driver and the company led to her physical injuries as well as physical and mental pain and suffering and loss of enjoyment of life. The plaintiff says that she also sustained medical expenses, property damages, lost wages, and other expenses.

According to the John Christner Trucking accident lawsuit, the plaintiff was traveling west on Interstate 12 in Livingston Parish, Louisiana when the semi-truck veered into her lane causing an accident.

The plaintiff says that the driver either negligently or recklessly failed to properly control the semi-truck. Specifically, the John Christner Trucking accident lawsuit states that the truck driver:

  • Failed to keep a proper lookout
  • Failed to yield
  • Failed to maintain control of the vehicle
  • Used improper lanes
  • Was careless and/or reckless in the operation of the vehicle
  • Failed in general to exercise a degree of care commensurate with existing circumstances at the time of the accident
  • May have committed other acts and/or omissions that will be uncovered during litigation

Further, alleges the lawsuit, the driver was within the scope of employment with John Christner, making the company liable for the accident and her injuries as well.

“At the time of the accident, John Christner Trucking LLC had in full force and effect a policy of automotive liability insurance coverage with American Trucking and Transpiration Insurance Company or a subsidiary insurance company, insuring for the damages to ,” alleges the John Christner Trucking accident lawsuit.

Tractor Trailer Accidents, Trucking Companies and Insurance

Semi-trucks and trucking companies are subject to different rules than other vehicles on the road, including various state, local, and federal rules about how long drivers can work and in what conditions. These rules can vary depending on where the trucker is driving and, in the event of a collision, where the accident occurred.

severe injuries after ups semi-truck accidentFurther, trucking companies are also required to have rules and policies in place to protect motorists from tractor trailer accidents. Unfortunately, trucking companies and drivers don’t always follow the rules in an effort to decrease their costs of operating.

Insurance companies are also known for using intimidation and delay to avoid paying motorists injured in a trucking accident.. Motorists should be aware that they do not have to take the first offer from an insurance company if they are in an accident – often these offers are very low and do not begin to cover the damages suffered by the motorists in an accident.

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