Idaho Man Alleges Hernia Mesh Bowel Obstruction in Lawsuit

An Idaho man says he suffered from a hernia mesh bowel obstruction after being implanted with Ethicon hernia mesh.

The plaintiff alleges that the hernia mesh was used to treat an incisional hernia he developed after surgery in 2010. He says that after the surgery, he developed a “noticeable” bulge in the area and suffered chronic increased pain in the area.

In 2017, doctors discovered the bowel obstruction caused by hernia mesh after running a CT scan that showed the plaintiff’s intestinal tract was being blocked by the mesh.

According to the lawsuit, the bowel obstruction required additional medical services and ultimately the mesh had to be removed. The plaintiff says that the doctor told him the Ethicon hernia mesh had not adhered to the muscle as intended, leading to the bowel obstruction.

“Plaintiff’s recovery from the November 14, 2017 surgery has been extremely difficult, painful and debilitating, to the point that he has been unable to work,” alleges the lawsuit.

hernia-mesh-lawsuitThe plaintiff alleges that the hernia mesh bowel obstruction was caused by defects.

Further, alleges the plaintiff, the maker of the hernia mesh, Ethicon Inc., was aware of these defects, but failed to do anything about them or warn doctors or patients.

“Defendant made public statements in the form of written product descriptions, product labels, promotional materials and other materials that asserted that implanting the Product in patients was safe and would not cause harm to patients,” alleges the lawsuit.

“These statements were made with the intent that medical professionals and members of the public would rely upon them, with the intent that members of the public would pay for the Product and that the Product would be implanted in patients. When Defendant made these statements, Defendant knew that the statements were inaccurate. Alternatively, when Defendant made these statements Defendant should have known the statements were inaccurate”

The plaintiff is seeking compensation, including punitive damages, for the hernia mesh bowel obstruction as well as the additional medical complications he suffered from the implantation and removal of the mesh, along with future pain and suffering.

Hernia Mesh Defects

Hernia mesh defects and resulting medical complications have been reported by increasing numbers of people. Patients report chronic pain, inflammation, infection, intestinal problems, skin problems, and flu-like symptoms after being implanted with defective hernia mesh. Those who are suffering from any of these complications should seek medical help immediately.

In 2016, Ethicon recalled its Physiomesh Flexible Composite Mesh from that market after reports of hernia mesh bowel obstruction, pain, infection, hernia recurrence, adhesions, perforation, and failure, as well as necessary revision surgery.

The Hernia Mesh Bowel Obstruction Lawsuit is Case No. 1:18-cv-00016-DCN, in the U.S. District Court for the District of Idaho.

If you have experienced complications from hernia mesh, consider contacting an attorney. The attorneys at McDonald Worley are currently investigating claims of defective hernia mesh.

Note: McDonald Worley is not representing the plaintiff in this lawsuit. 


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