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Burns, electrocutions, and smoke inhalation are among the most excruciating, painful injuries sustainable. If hurt or scarred by a burn or electrocution, you may have significant legal compensation recovery options under the law. Contact an experienced burn injury lawyer who will be able to clearly explain your legal options for recovery, in and outside of the Houston courts.

Our legal team can fight on your behalf for rightful and rapid compensation under the law while providing you the support you need to rebuild your life after a tragedy.

Burn Injury Classification

Fires, explosions, electricity, thermal, chemical burns, and smoke inhalation can result in the following levels of severity:

First Degree Burns

Considered the least severe, these burns cause superficial damage, red skin, some pain, and swelling to the first layer of your skin. Examples include mild sunburns or touching a hot stove

Second Degree Burns

These go deeper into the skin, beyond the first layer, causing blisters and swelling. They can result in serious scars, in some cases. Often, sweat glands and hair follicles can have damage. Examples: severe sunburn, scalding by hot water

Third Degree Burns

Considered the most severe to receive, these destroy the skin and extend into the deeper tissue, and can result in serious scarring. Muscle, fat and bone may even be affected. However, because the nerve endings have been destroyed, these types of burns are typically not painful. Examples: contact with flames, electricity, hot liquid

Approximately two million people get burns each year in the United States. According to the U.S. Fire Administration (USFA), burn injuries are the third largest cause of accidental death. It leads to over 300,000 serious injuries and over 8,000 to 10,000 fatalities each year. Burns can take a considerable amount of time to heal and depending on the location, type, and burn injury percentage, can have a life-altering impact.

Burns can happen at work, home, or during a leisurely activity.

Types of Burns

There are several types of burns that can lead to debilitating injuries, including:

Thermal Burns

Thermal burns can be from accidents in the house (typically in the kitchen) and car accidents. Thermal burns are from continuous contact with hot substances including a flame, hot water, steam, dry heat, and objects that are hot.

a burn being treated by a medical professional.

Chemical Burns

Chemical burns are from strong acids or bases contacting the skin. Common sources include common household cleaner ingredients such as ammonia and bleach which is in cleaning products for toilets, swimming pools, drains, and ovens.

Electrical Burns

Electrical burns commonly occur in the workplace. They are from an electrical current coming into contact with a person’s body. These burns can occur on construction sites, restaurants, offices, agricultural sites, and other locations. The extent of the injury is based on how strong the current is, the voltage, and the path that the current travels through the body.

Radiation Burns

Radiation burns are from prolonged radiation exposure. The most common type of radiation burn is a sunburn. But radiation burns can also happen from x-rays or radiation therapy, which may also be the result of medical practice. Such radiation burns can lead to cancerous growths and other bodily damage.

Contact an Experienced Burn Injury Lawyer

If you or loved one has been affected by a severe burn injury due to the negligence of another in Houston, Texas, you may qualify to file a burn injury lawsuit.

When considering your legal options, make sure to get the best legal help you can—because winning your case matters. McDonald Worley was listed among the top personal injury trial lawyers in the nation, (Newsweek Magazine 2012, print edition ‘Heroes Edition’). The best lawyers know it’s about more than just big settlements—when you’ve been hurt, justice matters. Let us help you hold those responsible accountable for their actions.

The best personal injury lawyers know that your injuries are about more than just big settlements—when you’ve been hurt, justice matters. Let us help you hold those responsible accountable for their actions.

Share what happened, and get the answers to your burn injury lawsuit questions today. There is no obligation, and it’s absolutely free. Get legal help from one of the nation’s leading burn injury lawyers today. If you wish to move forward, you don’t pay a dime unless we win.


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