Hernia Mesh Injury Lawsuit Alleges Painful Side Effects

A new hernia mesh injury lawsuit filed by a Maine woman alleges painful side effects due to the medical device including infection, mesh bunching, and adhesions.

Atrium Medical Corporation is named in this lawsuit as responsible for making a defective product that injured patients as well as the spouses of those patients. The hernia mesh injury lawsuit specifically names the C-QUR mesh product.

The primary use of this product was to assist surgeons in hernia repair surgeries. The hernia mesh injury lawsuit says that the hernia mesh products developed by the company were intended, designed, and utilized for permanent implantation in the human body despite the fact that many different complaints have been filed by affected patients who suffered severe or even life-threatening complications.

According to the hernia mesh lawsuit, the defendants did not carry out appropriate research and testing to identify the benefits as well as the risks of the C-QUR mesh.

The hernia mesh lawsuit states that the C-QUR mesh was either defectively manufactured or designed and was never reasonably safe for hernia repair use. The lawsuit also claims that the risks of the design outweighed any potential benefits and that patients were the ones who suffered despite the fact that patients were never informed of the high risk.

Types of Injuries Common with Hernia Mesh Products

Many of the serious allegations named in hernia mesh lawsuit include formation of fistulas, erosion, failure of incorporation, allergic reaction, chronic inflammation, tissue damage, nerve damage, formation of seromas, abscess, and adhesion to internal organs.

hernia meshAccording to the hernia mesh lawsuit, many of these serious and life-threatening side effects could have been prevented if the manufacturers had done due diligence in identifying the dangers and warning patients about them in advance.

In particular, the polypropylene makeup of the C-QUR mesh product was named as problematic because it was believed to minimize inflammation and adhesion.

However, adverse tissue reaction was reported from many different patients, making it more difficult to remove the hernia mesh when it became apparent to doctors that removal was the only way to protect the patients from severe side effects.

Numerous lawsuits from patients in many states across the country have been filed against manufacturers for injuries sustained by the implantation of the hernia mesh.

The Hernia Mesh Injury Lawsuit is Case No. 1:17-cv-00737-LM, in the U.S. District Court for the District of New Hampshire.

If you or someone you know has been negatively affected by a defective hernia mesh product, you may have grounds to pursue a personal injury claim with the help of a lawyer..

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