How to Handle an Angry Driver

When you think about it, you’ve probably never been so angry behind the wheel that you would drive someone off the road. You’ve probably also never considered pulling out a weapon and threatening another driver after an accident. After all, accidents happen, and while we use a fault system, the bigger element is that we resolve car accidents through an insurance system, not by taking it out on each other. However, while most people are fairly rational, an angry driver is not.

If you’ve been injured in a crash, contact an experienced Houston, Texas automobile wreck attorney.

An Angry Driver Can Be Dangerous

Angry drivers are dangerous. In many situations previously, people have been assaulted or even killed over something like a fender bender or being cut off. Texas has hosted a number of angry drivers that then faced assault or harassment charges. One example is as recent as mid-January of 2020, where a road rage incident in Pasadena, TX led to a man threatening a woman and the children in her vehicle with a bow and arrow.

On February 4th of 2020, there was a road rage shooting that resulted in one death in Tulsa. Angry drivers are not something to be taken lightly. Don’t roll your eyes, lay into your horn, or give any hand gestures that may make the situation worse.

Contact Houston Police

If you are handling an angry driver, you need to contact 911. If the operator feels that it is not an emergency, then they will transfer you to the local PD. But, the case is usually taken very seriously, given the extensive issues that many states have seen with angry or irate drivers. Typically you will not be asked to pull over, but instead, a police cruiser will locate you and the other driver to be present at the scene.

If you have pulled over already, then contact emergency services right away. Always inform them of all the details relating to the accident and the driver’s behavior. That driver may be under the influence of a wide variety of substances or alcohol, no matter the time of day. Don’t underestimate the possibility of dealing with someone that has little regard for themselves or anyone else.

Stay in Your Vehicle and Wait

If you are already stopped or on the shoulder, then do not exit your vehicle. If the angry driver is attacking your vehicle, then ask the 911 operator that you’re on the phone with for guidance. But, when police are en route, then it’s best to stay where you are so that they aren’t trying to follow the two vehicles through the busy metro area.

When you are stopped and are in your vehicle, then the Houston police know where you are and can arrive quickly and act immediately.

Remain on the Phone with 911

Emergency operators keep people on the line because emergencies can change quickly and drastically. As mentioned above, it may seem as if you’re handling an angry driver, until they start attacking your vehicle. If someone pulls a weapon, whether it be a blade, bow, gun, or some blunt object, it is vital that you communicate that to emergency services before police arrive on the scene.

By staying on the phone with 911, you can tell them about the changing conditions which can better prepare the Houston Police before they arrive. While they are on the scene, they will take the necessary steps to deescalate the situation and calm both drivers. But before they arrive, they need to know what they’re walking into.

Contact an Experienced Car Accident Attorney in Houston

You may have a court case ahead of you, not just for the assault charges. Still, in order to get compensation as well when there’s elements of road rage, assault, or other extreme acts of misconduct, the involved insurance agency may not cover the other driver any longer. It’s a similar situation to what people experience with drunk drivers.. They go to file a claim only to learn that the insurance provider will fight not to cover that driver any longer.

Contact our Houston automobile wreck law firm and speak with an experienced attorney who can help you navigate your case. They will fight for the compensation you need, and the team of legal professionals will work with the assault case in mind as well. You may have experienced additional areas of pain from the trauma, such as new levels of anxiety or physical injury, which resulted from the assault and indirectly from the wreck.


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