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An accident can happen in the blinking of an eye, and it can be a life-changing incident. The injured persons might never recover fully. They must endure the pain of their injury, coupled with the pressures of the financial burden of meeting their medical treatments. The matter is further compounded by the loss of wages that place extra strain on the victims and their families. A Glendale personal injury attorney can help you recover these damages if another person’s negligence has caused you harm.

The experienced personal injury law firm of McDonald Worley has years of experience dealing with such cases. We have helped many people get the full compensation that will help them enjoy some sense of normalcy in their way of life.

Why Hire a Glendale Personal Injury Attorney?

If you have been involved in an incident and you are considering an injury claim, then you need to hire a personal injury attorney because they make all the difference in the outcome of your case. Looking at the statistics, those who hire an attorney near Glendale typically receive higher settlements compared to people who do it on their own. We have trial lawyers who have experience and the knowledge needed to deal with insurance companies, and if need be, taking the case to trial.

What is the Definition of Personal Injury?

A personal injury case falls under personal injury, and this is the legal framework providing a way for injury victims to get compensated for the injuries and also seek justice. Personal injury laws are also known as Tort Law, and they cover cases that involve accidents, intentional acts such as defective products, sexual assault, and defamation. There are two core issues when it comes to a Glendale, California, defamation claim – liability and damages. Whether there is someone liable and the nature of those damages. The concept of negligence is going to be involved in an accident case. Negligence can be defined as failing to exercise care that a reasonable person could have in relation to the accident. Four elements have to be shown when establishing negligence;


This is a legal obligation that requires companies or individuals to exercise a given standard of reasonable care while taking part in an action that could result in the harming of others. This can cover several things, e.g. a motorist driving a car, or a doctor providing care. The defendant doesn’t need to know the plaintiff for them to owe a duty.


A breach is when that duty is violated. A defendant breaches that duty when they failed to act in a way that most other people wouldn’t. In short, he knew their actions could have resulted in injury to others.


This is the link between the injury and the breach of duty. To establish negligence, it must be shown that the injury resulted from a breach.


These are the injuries resulting from the breach of duty.

What Do I Need to do After Getting Injured?

The first thing to do after getting injured is seeking medical help in Glendale, CA. Visit the E.R., and make sure you get a medical evaluation as soon as possible. If you don’t go for treatment immediately you get hurt, the opposing insurance company is going to argue that you were not hurt. The goal of the insurance company during such cases is to pay as little as possible. One technique they commonly use is trying to prove that the injuries you sustained were not that serious.

How Long Do Personal Injury Cases Take?

The case can be resolved in a matter of months, but this is not the case for most of the cases. Most of them are going to take several months or even years. If the case is taken to trial, then appeals can easily extend the length of the case. Cases differ from one to another. If the case is complex or goes to Glendale court, you can expect it to take a little longer. Talk to a personal injury lawyer because they can help in evaluating the details of the case so they can give you a rough picture of what to expect during and after the case..

How is Fault Defined by the California Law?

California is a comparative negligence state. What this means is that the fault is divided and assigned between all the parties involved. When these laws apply, you can get damages even if the accident was contributed by your negligence. The amount in damages a plaintiff can get will be determined by their share of fault – if you were to be found to be 25% at fault and the settlement is $100,000, then you are going to get 75% which is $75,000. One good example of such a scenario is when you had your tail light out and the defendant was driving drunk. There is also the pure comparative fault rule in California, and this means that even if the defendant is 99 percent at fault, they can still claim damages.

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