What Do I Need to Do After Being Injured in an Uber Accident in Los Angeles?

If you’ve been injured in an Uber accident, reach out to a Los Angeles Uber accident lawyer at McDonald Worley today.

In more than 600 cities all across the globe, over twelve thousand drivers are offering Uber ride-sharing services. The company, which provides peer-to-peer transportation, earned more than 5 billion dollars in 2017. The company offers more than 1 million rides to customers each passing day.

To connect customers with freelance drivers, Uber relies on the use of a mobile app. Using the number of riders, vehicle type, and distance as the basis, Uber sets the price of each ride. The driver and the person to be driven agree on the cost of the ride beforehand. Each driver uses their own car. The vehicles used by Uber drivers do not need to undergo periodic inspections, unlike taxis and limos which must comply with such inspections. Furthermore, Uber drivers are only required to have a standard driver’s license.

What Should You Do if You Are Injured in an Uber Accident?

Drivers run the risk of being distracted while on the road simply because they rely on an app to maintain contact with their dispatcher and customers. In addition to this, the entire pool of Uber drivers may include poor drivers and inferior vehicles, even though the company says that all drivers are extensively vetted. If you get into an Uber accident, it is typically handled the same way you would handle an accident in a private vehicle. 

Step 1: Take Stock of the Situation and Contact Emergency Services if Necessary

If you or anyone else has been injured, the first step is to seek any necessary medical attention. Being involved in a vehicle accident can be quite traumatic. But, it is essential that you remain as calm as possible throughout the ordeal. Wait for the police and ambulance to arrive after contacting them yourself or asking someone else to do so. To rule out any possibility of internal or delayed injuries, it is important that you go to the hospital, even if you did not sustain any noticeable injuries. You should also ask your healthcare provider to provide you with a comprehensive medical report documenting all of your injuries. Your medical records from the accident will be an essential piece of evidence when seeking compensation.

Step 2: Report the Accident to the Police

The next step should be to call the police and report the occurrence; if you cannot call yourself, ask someone at the scene to call for you. The roadway should be cleared where necessary. When interviewed by the police regarding the Uber accident and any people involved, avoid stating any opinions and provide facts only.

Step 3: Capture Accident Details

It is important for you to capture detailed evidence of the accident if you want to get compensated for emotional stress and physical injuries resulting from the experience. Document the scene of the accident with photographs, if possible. It is also advisable for you to exchange contact information with any witnesses of the incident as well as the driver of the Uber you were riding in.

Reach Out to a Los Angeles Uber Accident Lawyer

If you suffer injuries from an Uber accident, finding someone to compensate you can be quite tricky. Uber’s liability insurance policy is secondary in nature. Simply put, before Uber’s insurance pays out any claims, the company expects the driver’s insurance to pay out first. But, claims resulting from commercial activities are usually excluded from most personal car insurance policies. This is where things can get confusing.

You must demonstrate that someone’s actions were negligent for your case to be successful. Since personal insurance will not be considered when a driver is engaging in a commercial activity – such as transporting passengers via Uber – getting any compensation from an Uber driver can be quite challenging, regardless of whether they are found to have been at fault for the accident in question.

Thanks to the Vehicle Code Section 5430 of California, Uber carries 1 million dollars each for its drivers, any passengers, and 3rd parties injured in an accident involving an Uber. Unfortunately, it is common for Uber to reject insurance claims. For this reason, you should consider hiring a Los Angeles Uber accident lawyer who is capable of taking you through the entire claim process to ensure that you receive the compensation that you deserve.

It is highly likely that Uber will try to downplay any incident that involves their drivers when they were in between ferrying customers. In these situations, the company will not need to offer up as much money in the form of compensation. Since drivers are covered by a personal insurance policy, they may also take the same approach.    

Passengers who have sustained injuries resulting from an Uber accident may be faced with one of the two scenarios described below:

When the Uber Driver Is to Blame for the Accident

According to the law, to provide coverage for personal injuries and property damage caused by their drivers, Uber and other ride-sharing companies must carry minimum insurance to the tune of 1 million dollars. In simple terms, you can file a personal injury claim if you have sustained physical injuries resulting from the negligent conduct of an Uber driver. But, this insurance cover only applies from when the driver accepts your ride request to when the ride is marked complete by the driver.  

When the Uber Driver Did Not Cause the Accident

In this case, you should file a claim against the driver of the other vehicle involved in the accident deemed at-fault. If the other driver is insured, you will be able to get compensation through their insurance. 

What You Can Expect to Get in a Car Accident Claim

Your claim may yield the following in terms of compensation for damages:

  • Lost wages
  • Losses in future income
  • Medical costs related to the accident
  • Physical and emotional pain and suffering related to the accident

Uber’s insurance agents may seek to get a statement from you after an accident involving one of their drivers. Be sure to consult your attorney before responding to any of their questions. In fact, you are not obligated to respond. The sole aim of insurance agents is to minimize the amount of money, if any, paid out by the insurer. Getting help from a Los Angeles car accident attorney could help you get a larger settlement than you would be able to if you were to respond to an insurance agent on your own.

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