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Are you in considering filing a Paraguard IUD lawsuit? The McDonald Worley Injury Law Firm is fully committed to holding medical device and drug manufacturers liable whenever their products endanger the public. Our Paragard IUD attorneys are experienced in handling class action and mass tort litigation as well as negotiating with representatives for pharmaceutical and medical device settlements.

If you or a family member has suffered injuries caused by Paragard, you might be entitled to receive compensation either via settlement or the litigation process.

Please call the McDonald Worley Law Firm to talk with a Paragard IUD lawyer, free of charge, to help you assess whatever claims you might have and make sure you understand the Paragard lawsuit and settlement process. Our law firm has participated in numerous Paragard IUD settlements. An experienced Paragard attorney can help you today.

Paragard IUD Overview

The Paragard Intrauterine Device (IUD) has been designed to be implanted inside a woman’s uterus in order to prevent pregnancy. This is a reversible, but long-term type of contraception.

This is a T-shaped device that is made out of flexible plastic and is wrapped up in coppe wire and a qualified medical professional needs to insert it. The device’s marketing claims that it is over 90 percent effective when it comes to preventing pregnancy and is able to do so for as long as 10 years.

Paragard was manufactured originally by Teva Pharmaceuticals before it was acquired in 2017 for $1.1 billion by The Cooper Companies.

The Food and Drug Administration first approved the device in 1984 and four years started to market it. Since that time it has been widely recommended to use. Currently, the device is the only copper IUD that is available in the United States and is hormone-free unlike other IUDs like Paragard and Mirena.

The device continuously releases small doses of copper inside the uterus. It is believed the copper helps to prevent sperm from getting to the egg, to prevent pregnancy. Also, the Paragard IUD causes changes to the uterus lining to help reduce implantation risk.

Dangers That Are Associated With Paragard

Various serious complications and injuries are linked with the Paragard IUD. Some of the more common side effects following insertion may include:

  • Severe menstrual pain
  • Back pain, cramps, stomach pain
  • Spotting or bleeding between periods
  • Longer and heavier menstrual periods

The device also can cause pelvic inflammatory disease. It is an infection within the uterus or another reproductive organ and most likely to take place within the initial 20 days of the insertion. Although antibiotics are normally prescribed for treatment, this kind of infection may result in other types of threatening conditions like chronic pelvic pain, ectopic pregnancy, infertility, or even death in some cases.

Women who use copper intrauterine devices such as Paragad are much more likely to experience the device being expelled compared to other kinds of IUDs. It was found by a study that 10.2 percent of women who use copper IUDs have experienced expulsion or their device moving totally out of the body or out of place, while only 4.9 percent of users of the Mirena did.

Partial or full expulsion may require surgery in order to remove the device, which would render the birth control device ineffective.

Some of the other dangers that are associated with removing the Paragard include the following:

  • Potential uterus removal or hysterectomy
  • Scarring inside of the uterus
  • Injury and inflammation from copper left inside the body
  • Device breaking during surgery
  • Migration or movement of the device, which leads to organ damage
  • Perforated uterine wall
  • Device embedded inside the uterus

The FDA since 2010 has received more than 1,600 reports of devices breaking. In certain cases, these devices failed long before the end of their expected lifespan, the device getting embedded within the uterine tissues, broken or fractured into pieces when being removed, and where the copper wire is completely missing. There are many women who have suffered health complications and needed corrective surgery as a result of those types of complications.

Liability for Injuries

It is unfortunate but not every medical device is safe. If you have been injured as a result of a defective Paragard IUD, then you might have a basis for suing the manufacturer as part of a product liability lawsuit with help from a Paragard injury attorney. Defects can be actionable it involves marketing, manufacturing, or design. Failure to warn is involved in most marketing defects. Every state has its very own rules when it comes to theories that might be appropriate for asserting in a product liability lawsuit. For example, in Illinois, a product manufacturer may be held strictly liable for a product that is unreasonably dangerous.

A plaintiff needs to show that there was a defect that caused the medical device to be unreasonably dangerous and this condition was present when the product left the control of the manufacturer. In a case involving failure to warn, the question is whether or not a manufacturer was aware or should have been aware of the danger that the medical device poses. If there is any knowledge inside the industry that a product had a dangerous propensity, then a plaintiff must show the manufacturer failed to properly warn of the risks that a product poses.

Have There Been Any Pargard IUD Lawsuits Filed?

Recent studies and lawsuits claim that Paragard, the 380 product models, in particular, may cause serious injuries and complications. The Paragard IUD specifically can migrate throughout the body and/or get embedded or lodged in various parts of the body, like the uterus. Another potentially dangerous defect is when pieces of the Paragard IUD break off and may cause damage or perforation to vital organs and tissues. That makes it hard to retrieve the Paragard IUD and may result in serious invasive surgeries, which includes hysterectomy. Also, it is claimed that Paragard is linked with ectopic pregnancies.

Do I Have An Eligible Case?

Following an injury, you might be wondering whether or not you are eligible to pursue legal action against an entity or person who has harmed you. However, every situation is complex and unique. You might have a valid case. However, we won’t know for certain until we have a thorough understanding of your personal situation. There are several things that we may consider, including:

  • Warnings that were issues about the implanted device’s risks
  • Whether or not the device has been subject to any safety alerts or recalls
  • Hospitalization needed for surgically repairing or removing a perforated organ or treating an infection
  • Any complications that arise while removing the device, which includes device migration or breakage
  • Whether or not the device needed to be removed earlier than was anticipated, maybe due to expulsion
  • The reason why you decided to use the device instead of other contraception methods

It can be complicated to determine liability in a defective medical device without consulting with an experienced attorney. We are prepared to answer any concerns or questions you might have during your free consultation. Calling us to find out more about your potential legal options carries no risk to you.

Why Speak to an Attorney about a Paragard IUS Lawsuit?

If either you or a family member was implanted with a Paragard IUD and experienced any serious complications or side effects like those that are listed above, then you might be eligible to file your injury lawsuit in order to recover damages. Call the McDonald Worley law office immediately to understand whether or not you have a valid case and what you should do to move forward since you have a limited amount of time for filing a personal injury lawsuit. If your lawsuit is not filed in a timely manner, you could end up losing your right to receive the compensation you deserve and need. This compensation might help to pay for your medical treatment travel expenses that relate to treatment, lost wages, surgery, medication, and also pain and suffering. Our personal injury attorneys at McDonald Worley will fight to ensure you receive the compensation that you deserve.

What should a person do if they were injured by the Paragard IUD?

Anybody who has been injured by Paragard should talk to a lawyer. These types of injuries can be devastating, with women facing life-long complications due to their injuries that are caused by Paragard, which includes being unable to bear children. When a medical product is designed by someone, they are obligated to produce a product that is safe that does not harm patients. Whenever a product has not been designed correctly and causes this kind of long-term, grievous injury, then patients can seek compensation. Any person who has been injured as a result of a Paragard IUD definitely should seek legal assistance. We will help you determine whether or not you have a valid legal case and what can be expected from this process.

The steps below should be followed by patients who were injured by the Paragard IUD:

  • Get medical treatment from a trustworthy doctor and focus on your healing and recovery.
  • Talk to an attorney. A law firm such as the McDonald Worley Law Firm, with all of its years of experience assisting patients who have been injured by defective medical devices and drugs, can help you.
  • Gather your paperwork. Document whatever you can, which includes your doctor appointment dates, when the doctor was aware of the problem and what needs to be done when it comes to your treatment. Your lawyer can guide you and identify anything else that could be useful, like doctor testimonies.

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Despite the fact that the Paragard IUD works in a reliable way for many women, there are some who experience life-changing side effects due to defective devices. If you were injured due to a Paragard IUD, contact us at the McDonald Worley Law Firm. All of us understand how had it can be overcoming those injuries as well as the hardship they may cause to the patient as well as their family. Our compassionate advice and attention will help you decide whether or not you have a valid legal case. If a defective medical device has caused you to become injured, you deserve to have somebody representing you who will ensure you receive the help that you need. Contact us today. We look forward to assisting you.


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