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A large corner of personal injury law is made up of something called product liability. This is the type of law that deals with dangerous or defective products that injure us. Manufacturers either design or make a product that ends up hurting consumers. This is almost always caused by negligence. There are, however, cases where a company is aware of the issue, but chose not to do anything about it. A lawyer will file claims against companies producing defective medical products on behalf of their clients.

There are several types of product liability. The most common types include:

  • Defective design cases
  • Manufacturing defects
  • Failure to warn

With all three of these types of cases, your personal injury attorney will have to prove fault on behalf of the defendant. Since the defendant is in control of the design and manufacture of the product, it’s not as difficult to prove negligence.

A large number of product liability cases fall into what is known as defective medical products cases. As patients, we rely on our medical providers to keep us healthy. They may prescribe or recommend products to us that will aid in our physical recovery. We trust their judgment and either buy or rent the medical products they suggest. When these products hurt us, we need to contact the experienced personal injury lawyers at McDonald Worley.

What is a Defective Medical Product Case?

Defective medical products are as much as a concern for doctors as they are for patients. They wouldn’t purposely prescribe or use a medical device on a patient if they knew it was going to hurt them. There are certain medical devices that have been of concern of late. At McDonald Worley, our experienced personal injury lawyers are familiar with all of the latest defective products cases.

McDonald Worley handles all types of defective medical products cases including, but not limited to the following:

If you or member of your family have experienced any of these issues, contact our office today to speak with an experienced defective medical product lawyer.

Contact McDonald Worley If You Have Suffered a Defective Product Injury

The problem with these cases is that you suffer from them when you’re already vulnerable. Most plaintiffs are already dealing with medical issues when they suffer an injury from a defective medical product. It’s the worst time you could possibly want to have to deal with legal issues. That’s why it’s so important to retain the services of a personal injury lawyer. They can deal with your legal issues while you focus on your recovery.

Contact the office today for your free initial consultation. You’ll get a chance to speak with a compassionate, experienced attorney who will answer any questions you may have. The consultation is free, and you pay nothing unless you settle your case!


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