Consolidated Communications Target of Numerous Slow Internet Complaints

Consolidated Communications is facing numerous complaints from consumers who say their service is horrible despite the company’s advertisement that they offer high internet speeds.

This is currently under investigation to identify whether or not Consolidated Communications is violating any state or federal laws.

Internet providers have increasingly come under fire for failing to deliver on their advertised speeds. Customers are alleging that when they call to report problems to these companies that they are unable to get a satisfactory answer for their concerns and are left dealing with poor internet service for a long period of time.

More of these consumers are considering whether the complaints are going anywhere and whether legal action could be the next step.

Consolidated Communications services many rural and small areas across Eastern Texas including Lake Conroe, Victoria, and Corpus Christi.. The company has received more than 100 negative reviews from their customers who say they were deceived about the level of service provided.

The premium high-speed connection advertised by Consolidated Communications, as reported by consumers who have lodged complaints against the company says it is as slow as 1 Mbps or less.

Other common complaints listed by consumers of Consolidated Communications include that the company made them do technician work and that the service response was too slow after an issue was reported.

Customers also allege that it is difficult to get a hold of customer service or to be taken seriously when making claims of extremely slow internet.

Other customers claim that their rate increase is not in line with the services that are advertised directly to consumers and that consumers are left paying the price dealing with the unreasonably slow internet.

Some consumers allege that since the company “upgraded” their system with new boxes, this has led to numerous problems including constantly dropped internet that interrupts their ability to view TV or to use internet on their phones and televisions.

Some customers have also accused Consolidated Communications of throttling their internet which is a tactic commonly used by cell phone providers when someone has used very high amounts of unlimited data.

Throttling means that when someone has achieved a certain number of downloads or has used excessive amounts of internet speed as deemed by the company, they will purposely slow down.

Many of the consumers who have lodged complaints against Consolidated Communications say they have screenshots of speed tests and numerous videos showing the problems associated with the company but that they have failed to get an appropriate response from company representatives directly.

Consolidated Communications is currently under investigation by attorneys who may assist consumers who feel they have been wronged by false advertising and other actions on the part of the company.

Consulting with an attorney may be your next step – the lawyers at McDonald Worley are here to help if you think you have a claim against this company.


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