What Should You Do if Your Child is Injured by a New Toy This Christmas?

The holidays are supposed to be fun. You spend weeks (or months) picking out the perfect presents for your kids. You wrap them and put them under the tree. Or, maybe Santa Claus brings them in the middle of the night. Either way, you can’t wait to wake up and see the excitement on your children’s faces. When your kids open their presents this year, they’re going to want to play with them right away. And you’re going to want them to do that. That is, after all, why you bought them the toys. But, if you aren’t careful about which toys you buy, you could end up giving your kids toys that can hurt them. A Houston defective product attorney at McDonald Worley can pursue the manufacturer if your child is hurt with their new toys. They’ll look to see if the product itself or its design was defective or dangerous.. If they were, you may have a claim for damages.

When you go shopping, you need to do two things. First, use common sense. Don’t buy your kids toys that look like they could be dangerous. Second, check the age levels and warnings on the toys. Manufacturers put this information on the toy for a couple of reasons. They want to make sure their consumers are safe. They also want to make sure that they cover themselves in case someone does get hurt using their product.

What are Some of the Common Injuries Caused by Children’s Toys?

When companies make certain kinds of products, especially toys, they do have their customers’ best interests in mind. No company sets out to make a toy that is intentionally dangerous. Not only do they not want to cause harm, they don’t want to lose money.

This is why, for the most part, if you follow a toy’s instructions, you should be okay. There are times, however, when a product just isn’t safe to be played with no matter how careful you are.

Some of the common types of injuries caused by children’s toys include:

  • Choking hazards
  • Eye injuries
  • Cuts and lacerations
  • Electrocution

If your son or daughter suffers any of these injuries, you may have a claim for personal injury in Houston.

Your Houston Injury Attorney Will Demand Damages

If your child is hurt by any of the toys you buy them this year, you need to call a Houston personal injury lawyer. They’ll get you and your family justice. They’ll also fight to get you compensation for your injuries.

Some of these damages will include the following:

  • Medical bills – The manufacturer or supplier will have to pay any medical bills you experienced as a result of your child’s injury. This may even include things like travel to and from doctor’s offices.
  • Lost Wages – You may miss time from work because you have to take care of your child. If this is the case, your lawyer can demand that you be compensated for this.
  • Property Damage – Very rarely would a child’s toy cause property damage other than to the dangerous item. However, there are cases where you do suffer property damage. If this is the case, you can demand reimbursement.
  • Pain and Suffering – If your child suffers serious injuries, you may be able to demand pain and suffering on their behalf.

Your Houston personal injury lawyer knows how to get you the damages you deserve. They know who to pursue. They also know what different defendants pay. They can negotiate with the liability insurance companies to get you as much as possible.

Contact an Experienced Personal Injury Lawyer in Houston, Texas

The last thing you think about while shopping for your child is them getting hurt. You just think about how excited they’ll be when they open their presents. And that’s how it should be. So, if they do get hurt, you have every right to demand compensation.

Call today and talk to an experienced Houston injury attorney. They have decades of experience handling cases like yours. They know what it takes to negotiate a settlement with the insurance company.

Schedule a consultation today. Talk to our office staff and they can find a time that works for you. Sit down with a skilled lawyer who know what you’re going through. The consultation is free and you pay nothing unless you settle your case.


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