Catastrophic Injury Lawsuit Ends With $8M Car Accident Settlement

A vehicle crash that occurred in 2014 has led to a $8 million settlement of a catastrophic injury lawsuit. The 2014 Newport News, Virginia vehicle crash involved both a personal injury claim and criminal DUI charges.

At the time of the accident, the Texas based company that the at fault driver was working for paid $8 million to settle a claim brought forward by an injured victim. The catastrophic injury lawsuit alleged that the driver, as well as the company employing him, was responsible for the injuries and damages sustained.

A permanent brain injury affected the victim prompting her to contact attorneys to file a catastrophic injury lawsuit. The case was handled in a U.S. District Court in Newport News and the fifth day of trial led to a settlement.

This was just one day before the jury began deliberating. The lawyers for the plaintiff in that catastrophic injury lawsuit said that the victim suffered a traumatic brain injury, a closed head injury and numerous symptoms associated with a brain injury, impacting her ability to live a normal daily life or to earn a living. This was one of the biggest settlements in a catastrophic injury lawsuit in Virginia during that year.

The case began in 2013 when a company known as Clean Harbors Environmental Services Inc. was brought in to clean out tanks at a facility in Virginia. Eight men came down for that project and one of those employees got drunk in August 2014.

reporter injured in texas car crashWhen he got inside a company pickup truck and headed for a restaurant and bar for a Newport News area, he crashed into the victim, causing catastrophic injury.

The crash caused the victim’s car to be pushed into another vehicle. The catastrophic injury lawsuit argued that the victim was suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, soft tissue injuries and a mild traumatic brain injury. That victim previously served as a nurse before the accident occurred.

The driver in that accident was charged with reckless driving and DUI and police calculated his blood alcohol content at 0.15 which was nearly double the legal limit. That individual pled guilty to DUI just one month later and the civil lawsuit followed.

Any accident involving allegations of drug or alcohol use could leave a victim severely injured and unable to live their life normally ever again. Personal injury law in most states allows those who are facing significant medical bills, pain, and problems to get help via a lawsuit to recover compensation. The compensation may be the only way for a severely injured victim to get back on his or her feet again.

If you or someone you know has been injured in a catastrophic accident caused by somebody else’s negligence, consult with the experienced attorneys at McDonald Worley today.

Note: McDonald Worley is not representing the plaintiff in this lawsuit.


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