Car Wreck Jury Award Totals $37 Million

A deadly spice-related crash recently led to a car wreck jury award of $37 million for two Tallahassee families.

The civil lawsuit associated with a severe fatal crash was filed by two Tallahassee families who ultimately received $37 million.

The jury awarded these families a major award after a woman and her two children were killed in an accident.

Those who opt to smoke spice may be held accountable in future lawsuits and family members may have no choice but to pursue a car wreck jury award to recover compensation for this behavior. The purple chronic spice was reportedly behind the cause of the accident.

The car wreck jury award came about against a spice maker who was found liable for the death of the children and the woman in the accident.

The families came together to sue the DZE Corporation, in the case that ultimately ended in a car wreck jury award, after a driver that ran into the vehicle was under the influence of the spice known as purple chronic.

The families who lodged the lawsuit, ultimately recovering the car wreck jury award, say that the company generating the spice must be held accountable for the production of a dangerous material that could make people less focused behind the wheel.

The manager of that company said that he had only previously become aware of the risk of smoking the potpourri and he said that the company did not feel the need to go any further to place warnings on the packets since the spices were labeled that it was not intended for human use.

Major wins, including this car wreck jury award against a spice maker, are extremely rare. However, the lawyers and witnesses in the case testified that the public is not aware of which substances and chemicals are inside the spice and the fact that it was created in a five gallon bucket means that many people who are smoking it don’t realize the possible consequences.

The family members who were trying to move forward with their life after receiving the jury award and losing their loved ones say that this product is dangerous and that the company should put appropriate warnings on the spice packets.

when a car accident occurs contact a car accident lawyerThe person who caused the accident was high on that particular form of spice when he slammed into the victim’s car in 2012 on St. Patrick’s Day, killing the driver and the passengers inside.

Sometimes a car wreck case is resolved outside of court with the help of a negotiating lawyer, but when a successful settlement cannot be achieved, a lawsuit might lead to a full trial.

If the victim can illustrate that the accident was caused by the defendant’s negligence, a substantial car wreck jury award may be handed down.

If you or someone you know has been seriously hurt in an accident, you may have grounds to pursue legal compensation through a lawsuit with the help of the experienced attorneys at McDonald Worley.

Disclaimer: McDonald Worley is not representing the plaintiff in this lawsuit.


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