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The consequences of a horrible car accident are something that no one wants to have to deal with. There can be a number of negative outcomes that can result from a serious crash, including costly car repair expenses, expensive hospital bills, and injuries that may affect you for life. Along with the anxiety and emotional stress caused by all of the money you owe, you also have to deal with the physical pain from the injuries you suffered in the accident. If you were involved in a car accident in the Boulder City area a lawyer with McDonald Worley has the experience to help you.. From negotiating with insurance companies to filing a lawsuit for you, we will ensure that you are fairly compensated for all you have suffered as a result of your accident.

When you hire us, that allows you to get your life back in order and to focus on healing. We will handle all of the rest for you.

Our personal injury firm treats all of our clients the way we treat members of our own families. We fight just as hard for you as we would for a parent or sibling. We want to ensure you receive the best legal advice possible and the best representation in the event your case goes to court or another venue where you need help from us. We will fight for the highest settlement amount possible to ensure your medical bills are covered and to ensure you are properly compensated for missed wages and damaged property. We will fight against insurance companies that are attempting to not provide you with you are owed.

Keep in mind that your insurance company has its own lawyers that work as hard as possible to ensure that you get paid the most amount of money possible. Your contract will be scoured by the insurance adjusters, looking for loopholes and circumstances that they can point at for reasons to not pay you fairly. Insurance companies perform this job on a daily basis, and going up against them by yourself is definitely not easy. But we also fight them on a daily basis. Whenever you work with us, we together can beat insurance companies. We will do everything we can to ensure you receive full compensation for your accident in addition to subsequent medical bills and losses.

What Should I Do After Being Involved In A Road Collision?

You should always be prepared for the unexpected when cruising the highways. In most cases, the law enforcement in Boulder City, Nevada,  will show in at the scene if there are any injuries, fatalities, or any aggression between the parties involved in the collision. That, therefore, implies that if the accident did not result in injuries, then you might have to collect vital information you will need when filing for compensation. That is why you always should have the following items in your glove compartment when driving in Boulder City:

  • A piece of paper
  • A pen or pencil
  • Latest insurance ID
  • An up-to-date copy of your vehicle registration details
  • Contacts of emergency service providers
  • Contacts of a local towing service company
  • A copy of the protocol form used by the Boulder City police

If neither you, your passengers, or the other parties involved in the accident are injured, you should get the vehicles off the road to avoid holding up the traffic. You, however, should take pictures of the accident before moving the cars to the side of the road. Exercise caution when taking the photos so that you are not hit by oncoming vehicles. Once you have your vehicle off the road, you then should talk to the other driver and ask for their contacts and insurance provider’s details, and you hand over similar information.

If the vehicles are extensively damaged and cannot be taken off the road, you should call in the Boulder City police to help handle the matter. You must call the law enforcement if you encounter any of the following:

  1. The other driver is under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  2. The other driver is not insured, do not present an insurance ID, their driver’s license or vehicle registration papers
  3. The other driver is aggressive and uncooperative when asked to share their information

What Auto Insurance Do I Need In The State Of Nevada?

State laws dictate that every vehicle on the public roads should be registered and have liability insurance even when not driven by the owner. It is a law that applies to all motor vehicles, including SUVs and Trucks.

You are required, per the law, to have a minimum insurance cover of $25,000 for any injuries sustained in a road collision, for a single person. That amount doubles when it comes to two or more people. You also must take a minimum insurance cover of $20,000 for property damaged during an accident. Please note that experts recommend you take out a larger insurance policy.

You never know if an accident results in serious injuries. That is why having a larger policy will ensure that you can afford the treatment costs. For instance, imagine being in a car crash, and you have a policy limit of $25,000 while the other driver has one of $50,000. But then, you sustain severe injuries, and the treatment costs amount to nearly $100,000. When you file a compensation claim, expect to receive $25,000 for the other driver’s insurance provider and a similar amount for your insurance company. That amount will not be enough to meet your medical bills.

For better protection in the event of a traffic accident, consider taking insurance coverage for uninsured or under-insured drivers. According to statistics, nearly 10% – 15% of drivers decide to take out the minimum insurance coverage, and this is insufficient. With an under-insured or uninsured driver’s policy, you can expect the insurers to settle the remaining medical expenses once the bills exceed the amount stated in other driver’s insurance policy.

Must I Get A Copy Of The Police Report When Filing An Insurance Claim?

You must file a claim with your insurance provider soon after being involved in a road accident. Failure to do so might disqualify you from seeking compensation in the future based on the statutes of limitation. When filing the claim, you must provide enough supporting evidence that will increase the chances of having your claim approved. A police report might not be necessary when filing the claim, but it helps show the validity of your claim once the insurer sees the attached police report. Otherwise, the insurer might doubt the claim and whether the injury accident happened if there is no police report.

We know that insurers might not give you a settlement offer if you fail to provide sufficient supporting evidence, even if they think you might have a valid claim. The police reports have documented evidence about the incident that will state the time and location of the car crash, the party at fault, injuries sustained, and extent of the property damage.

What If The Accident Was Due To Defective Components Or Mechanical Failure?

You can seek compensation from the manufacturer of the vehicle parts if you sustain physical injuries or property damage in an accident attributed to defective parts of the other driver’s car. For instance, a victim might sustain injuries caused by the deploying airbags. The force of the airbags as they deploy can send flying objects to the passengers that injure them.

It is not uncommon to hear of incidents where a road collision is linked to faulty car parts. It can be the brakes failed, the accelerator stuck, or the ignition disengages while the vehicle was moving. In such situations, the manufacturer is held accountable for the accident even if they had recalled the faulty parts or the make and model of the car. You should consult with our experienced Boulder City personal injury lawyers to help determine if you were in an accident that was caused by faulty parts. They will help you put together a strong case and file a compensation claim.

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