5 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Car Accident Lawyer

Have you been a victim of a recent car accident? If so, you may be feeling overwhelmed by the entire legal process.

That’s not a coincidence, car accident cases involve a lot of uncertainty. They also involve a lot of hassle and paperwork. By now, you’ve likely realized that you need professional legal help to navigate this situation.

Not sure how to find the right car accident lawyer for your case? Start by asking them the following five questions!

1. Do I Have a Case?

Before pursuing your case, you’ll want to know if it can succeed. In most situations, this means receiving a car accident settlement for your injuries or damages. If this outcome is unlikely, you’ll want to know about it.

If a car accident attorney is trustworthy, they’ll guide you accordingly. They’ll review the case and tell you what you can expect. An untrustworthy lawyer will likely push you to pursue the case so they could get paid.

2. Have You Taken Similar Cases Before?

The fact that someone is a skilled attorney doesn’t mean they specialize in car accidents. Even if they do, they may not have much experience in it. Ask them about their prior cases to see if they’re a good fit for you.

Keep in mind that laws covering auto accident cases are very complex. They also vary from state to state. For best results, hire a lawyer with a long history of operating in the state the accident occurred.

3. How Long Will the Case Take?

Every car accident case will disrupt your life to some point. You may need to attend legal proceedings, deal with your injuries, and so on. Therefore, it can be vital to know how long it will take to receive your compensation.

This is also a bit of a trick question. With so many factors that can affect the length of a trial, no lawyer can give you an exact time frame. That said, they should be able to offer a general estimate based on similar cases.

4. What Can I Do to Help?

The main reason to hire an attorney is to improve your odds of success. Still, going down this route doesn’t mean you should leave everything to them. On the contrary, you should be as proactive as possible.

Your lawyer will tell you exactly what you can do to help your case. That may involve speaking to investigators, seeing additional physicians, and more. Remember: a good attorney will always keep you in the loop.

5. How Much Do You Charge?

For many car accident victims, the price is the sticking point in deciding whether to hire a lawyer. Even if you know you need their help, you may still be afraid of substantial legal fees if you don’t win your case.

Many car accident lawyers sidestep this issue by working on a contingency fee basis. In other words, they’ll only get paid if you win. They’ll then charge you some percentage of the settlement, usually 20-50%.

Hire a Car Accident Lawyer Today!

Before hiring a car accident attorney, ensure they give you satisfying answers to the five questions we outlined above. That’s the only way to know they have your best interests at heart.

Looking for an experienced car accident lawyer in the Houston area? Contact us right here to learn about what we can do for you!


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