18-Wheeler Truck Accident Lawsuit Alleges Driver Misconduct

Two Texas women have filed a lawsuit against C.R. England Trucking Company and one of its drivers after an 18-wheeler truck accident allegedly left them with severe and life-changing injuries.

C.R. England, the trucking company in this case, is accused of breaching their duty to employ competent people and to train those individuals, while supervising and setting guidelines and procedures for safe driving as well as enforcing them.

The 18-wheeler truck accident lawsuit was filed against the defendant driver and C.R. England because the driver allegedly failed to keep a proper lookout, was traveling at an excessive rate of speed at the time of the incident, did not apply the brakes in a timely or appropriate fashion, and failed to make turning movements.

Furthermore, the 18-wheeler trucking accident was allegedly caused by the truck driver following too closely and failing to keep the appropriate distance between the 18-wheeler and the plaintiffs’ car.

Allegedly, in this 18-wheeler trucking accident lawsuit, the defendant breached this duty and caused the plaintiffs to suffer damages.. When a truck driver or the employment company do not provide the required duty of care to someone on the road, serious injuries may result.

The plaintiffs argue that C.R. England is responsible for intentional conduct, gross negligence, willful and wanton conduct as well as reckless and intentional disregard for their safety.

texas tractor trailer accident prompts lawsuitThe 18-wheeler trucking accident lawsuit alleges that the trucking company negligently entrusted the vehicle to the driver even though they should have known that the driver was reckless or incompetent..

Allegedly, the accident led to critical injuries such as herniated discs throughout both of the spines of the plaintiffs.

Those spinal injuries will require surgeries and have led to consequential damages including lost wages, past and future medical expenses, past and future physical and emotional pain and suffering, disfigurement, impairment and lost earning capacity in the future.

Filing a 18-Wheeler Truck Accident Lawsuit

In many trucking accidents, a legal claim can be filed against the negligent driver as well as their employer. Trucking accident claims can also be further complicated if an allegedly defective part was the cause of the accident.

This requires a prompt investigation to identify all possibly liable parties and to file a legal claim. Since severe injuries like TBIs, spinal cord paralysis, and more are all frequently tied to trucking accident cases, the settlements or verdicts may include full compensation.

The 18-Wheeler Truck Accident Lawsuit is Jessica S., et al. v. C.R. England, et al., Case No. 3:17-cv-00354-KC, in the El Paso County Court, Texas.

If you’ve been hurt in an 18-wheeler truck accident, you may need to file a legal claim for maximum recovery. Consult with the attorneys at McDonald Worley to learn more.


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