Xarelto Lawsuit Alleges Internal Bleeding Risk

A Virginia woman alleging that she was never warned of the severe injuries and side effects associated with a popular medication has come forward to file a lawsuit. According to the Xarelto lawsuit, the plaintiff used Xarelto from May of 2013 through February of the following year. Xarelto was prescribed for the treatment of atrial fibrillation.

The plaintiff in this lawsuit suffered gastrointestinal bleeding and melena on Feb. 1, 2014. Numerous blood transfusions were required to treat the side effects, according to the lawsuit, and the physician recommended that she discontinue taking Xarelto immediately.

While all medications come with some type of side effect risk, manufacturers must warn patients and the medical community about severe risks. This allows doctors and patients to make an informed decision about their future.

 blood thinner study published recentlyA rising number of Xarelto lawsuits accuse the manufacturer of knowing about the internal bleeding risks but downplaying or concealing them entirely.

Some of the risks include a higher chance of blood clots, irreversible bleeding, and other adverse reactions.

Many lawsuits have been filed because the patients who suffered could have used a substitute medication with much lower risks.

Internal bleeding, including the type of excessive blood loss increasingly tied to use of Xarelto, can develop quickly.

Doctors have also come forward to accuse the manufacturer of failing to provide enough information about what to do if a patient did present signs of internal bleeding.

The Xarelto lawsuit blames the manufacturer for failing to warn her or her doctors about the catastrophic side effects of the medication.

Side Effects

Janssen Research and Development is allegedly responsible for the promotion, advertising, selling and distribution of Xarelto for use as an oral anticoagulant.

Xarelto was often recommended to treat deep vein thrombosis, pulmonary embolism and to minimize the risk of systemic embolism and stroke for those patients diagnosed with non-valvular atrial fibrillation.

Xarelto lawsuits have been filed regarding use of the drug for months or years, all tied to catastrophic side effects.

Xarelto was also recommended for patients undergoing knee and hip replacement surgery. This lawsuit, like many others, claims the manufacturer knew or should have known about the serious risks and failed to warn plaintiffs and the medical community at large about the significant side effects that could develop into a life-threatening gastrointestinal bleed.

Gastrointestinal bleeding can be fatal if it is not captured quickly and treated by medical professionals. Thousands of reports of gastrointestinal bleeding and other severe side effects have been filed since Xarelto came on the market.

The Xarelto Lawsuit is Bertha G. v. Janssen Research and Developments LLC, et al., Case No. 2:17-cv-17526, in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Louisiana.

If you believe you have grounds to pursue a Xarelto lawsuit, consult with an experienced lawyer at McDonald Worley today. 


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