GI Bleed Prompts Lawsuit Against Manufacturer

A severe GI bleed prompts an Arizona patient to file a lawsuit to recover medical expenses, as well as financial compensation for physical damages and mental anguish.

has been named in a number of different lawsuits, alleged by plaintiffs and surviving family members for problems including a GI bleed.

The recent GI bleed lawsuit was filed after plaintiff Jay B. took the drug as an oral anticoagulant. According to the plaintiff, as a direct result of taking , she suffered an upper gastrointestinal bleed.

The lawsuit stipulates that the medication posed an unreasonable risk to the health of consumers, and to the plaintiff in particular, and therefore the defendant should be held responsible for the severe injuries sustained by the plaintiff.

GI Bleed Named as Common Side Effect

is frequently prescribed to reduce the risk of systemic embolism and stroke, and to treat pulmonary embolism and deep vein thrombosis.

Unfortunately, however, a rising number of patients have filed adverse event reports after suffering a GI bleed. Other medications on the market, including the popular Warfarin, do not carry the same high level of risks as , even though was marketed by manufacturer Johnson and Johnson, and Janssen Pharmaceuticals as relatively safe for consumer use.

xarelto gastrointestinal bleeding lawsuit filed recently was originally introduced to the U.S. market in July of 2011 as part of the new drug class of NOAC, new oral anticoagulants.

Numerous medical and academic studies have shown that may be inferior to the popularly prescribed Warfarin, as a result of many serious side effects including a GI bleed.

Without proper dose adjustment or blood monitoring, there can be severe, life-threatening, bleeding events associated with use of .

Any physician prescribing must monitor it carefully to ensure that the patient’s blood is thin enough to reduce the risk of stroke, whilst also decreasing the serious risk of a major GI bleed.

According to the lawsuit, the defendants were aware of the high risk of complicating side effects, and the necessity of blood monitoring, but failed to disclose this vital information to doctors, patients, and the FDA. The defendants are further accused of over-promoting this medication, making it seem safe and easy to use, despite the risk of severe side effects.

The drug manufacturers are also accused of failing to properly test this medication, and warn consumers and doctors about the high risk of severe side effects, including a GI bleed.

The number of legal claims associated with injuries like a GI bleed have been on the rise in recent years, prompting more people to determine whether or not their unexplained side effects may be tied to use of the drug.

If you or someone you know has been critically injured as a result of a GI bleed, or a similar problem, consult with an experienced attorney as soon as possible.

The lawyers at McDonald Worley can help you determine if filing an lawsuit is the right path for you. Call today for a free case evaluation.


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