Bleeding Risks May Outweigh Benefits

A number of different patients have already initiated lawsuits against the manufacturers of a popular anticoagulant due to Xarelto bleeding risks.

Xarelto bleeding risks may be substantial and could even cause life-threatening side effects.

Anyone who is seriously hurt by bleeding events may want to consult with an attorney to figure out their next steps.

Unfortunately, anticoagulants that are at the front of the market may carry a substantial risk of internal bleeding and other problems.

Xarelto only recently developed an antidote to assist with clotting when a serious bleed happens, meaning that the drug already carries an enhanced risk of severe gastrointestinal bleeding and patients in the past did not have access to a critical way to turn that around.

Approximately 33 percent of will travel into the body’s renal system and Xarelto bleeding risks have put many patients in the hospital in the past. Dangerous side effects are associated with many of these blood thinners..

Blood-thinning drugs such as Xarelto are often prescribed to help save a patient’s life by preventing a stroke or heart attack caused by artery blocking blood clots. New studies detail the side effects that people must understand before taking them.

One of the serious problems associated with Xarelto bleeding risks has to do with its possible interaction with other drugs, according to a recent study.

Drug interactions can increase a person’s risk of severe bleeding events in the gastrointestinal tract or the brain.

While these medications on their own may not pose a significant risk of bleeding, when used in conjunction with other medications, the bleeding risk may be much higher.

ivc-filter-lawsuitA second study also discovered that blood thinners can significantly enhance a person’s chances of seeing blood in their urine.

Although these medications are primarily used to prevent risk of stroke in those people who’ve already been diagnosed with atrial fibrillation, they are being used more frequently because they are known to produce fewer side effects than Warfarin.

Warfarin is an older anticoagulant on the market that is known for having many drug and food interactions.

The investigators in studies however, found that the bleeding risks increase significantly when these medications are used with other drugs, and researchers found that other drugs decreased the effectiveness of NOAC drugs. Lipitor is one such issue that may reduce the effectiveness of Xarelto.

More than 2.5 million residents of Ontario, Canada had data included in the research study. The Xarelto bleeding risks affecting numerous patients may ultimately lead someone to visit the hospital to treat this life-threatening condition.

A lawyer may be necessary to recover compensation on behalf of a victim. If you or someone you know has already sustained injuries in a Xarelto bleeding risks accident, schedule a consultation with the attorneys at McDonald Worley today.


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