Study: Xarelto Risks May Include Internal Bleeding Issues

A new study identifies that the Xarelto risks for patients may be much higher than the potential benefits.

The study published in the New England Journal of Medicine identified that Xarelto risks can include serious side effects but it is no more effective than aspirin in terms of preventing blood clots following a knee replacement or hip replacement surgery.

Canadian researchers looked at the use of Xarelto versus aspirin in terms of preventing venous embolism events including pulmonary embolism and deep vein thrombosis. They identified that there was very little difference between the safety and the efficacy of the two drugs. Xarelto risks have been increasingly reported by patients who are taking the medication and realized significant side effects.

Xarelto is a leading member of new oral anticoagulant medications and these have been marketed as superior to the popularly prescribed Warfarin in terms of treating blood clots associated with atrial fibrillation and numerous other conditions.

Although Warfarin’s blood thinning events can be reversed quickly with plasma and vitamin K, new blood thinners, including Xarelto were not released with a reversal agent. This led to significant risks about which many patients were not informed until they already sustain an event.

This could be associated with significant bleeding events or deaths. The study looked at a double blind multi-center clinical trial with more than 3,400 patients who went through total knee or hip arthroplasty and compared the outcomes with Xarelto and aspirin to determine which one of these was more effective at preventing deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolism. The findings identified that venous embolism happened in 11 of the 1,707 patients given aspirin and 12 of the 1,717 patients given Xarelto.

rectal bleeding from xarelto prompts lawsuitFurthermore, in the Xarelto group, five patients suffered major bleeding events, and in the aspirin treatment group, eight patients suffered major bleeding events.

Another clinical trial comparing Xarelto risks to low-dose aspirin was stopped due to major internal bleeding concerns among test subjects.

Someone who suddenly experiences internal bleeding may not know the symptoms to be aware of, allowing the problem to develop into a very dangerous situation quickly.

Getting the support of a medical professional is vital for someone at risk of a critical bleeding event.

More than 18,000 lawsuits have been filed already associated with risks against the manufacturer. These Xarelto risks lawsuits allege that the manufacturers did not provide appropriate warnings to doctors and consumers about the advantages associated with the drug as well as the potential bleeding risks.

Several years ago, thousands of lawsuits associated with Pradaxa, another similar medication, were filed in court. Ultimately, this led to millions of dollars in Pradaxa settlements.

Xarelto risks have prompted many patients to schedule consultations with experienced injury lawyers and defective drug lawyers to learn about their opportunities to file a lawsuit.

If you’ve been negatively affected by Xarelto risks, schedule a consultation with an experienced attorney at McDonald Worley today for more information about filing a legal claim for compensation.


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