Semi Truck Accident Lawsuit Filed Against 18-Wheeler Operator

The family of a 54-year-old Alabama man who was killed in a car accident on April 30 has filed a semi truck accident lawsuit against the 18-wheeler operator, including charges for wrongful death.

Kevin S. was killed in a car accident that occurred when an 18 wheeler traveling south on I-59 “negligently and/or wantonly” crossed the median and collided head-on into Kevin’s automobile, the semi truck accident lawsuit asserts.

Prior to his death, Kevin had been the Fairfield Fire Chief for more than two decades. He is survived by his wife and daughter, who were also injured in the 18 wheeler accident.

Semi Truck Crash Caused Severe Injuries

Kevin’s wife reportedly suffered a broken arm and wrist and bruising to her kidneys, liver, and lungs.

The semi truck crash caused Kevin’s daughter to be thrown 30 yards from the vehicle, according to the semi truck accident lawsuit. She suffered a broken collarbone and femur, a fractured pelvis, severe lacerations to her head and permanent burns. At the time of the filing, she was reportedly on a respirator and in an induced coma.

“She was bruised and contused, suffered severe and permanent injuries, was permanently scarred, suffered severe physical pain and mental anguish, was caused to incur medical expenses and lost wages and will continue to do so in the future,” the 18 wheeler crash lawsuit says.

Semi Truck Accident Lawsuit Seeks to Hold Driver, Truck Company Accountable

Companies that own and operate 18 wheelers have a responsibility to make sure their massive vehicles are operated in a safe manner. They are responsible for hiring and training reliable drivers, implementing policies to promote safe driving practices, and performing regular maintenance of the vehicles.

In addition to the 18 wheeler operator, the semi truck accident lawsuit names as a defendant Peterson Industrial Inc., the company that owns and operates the semi truck.. The complaint asserts claims against Peterson and the driver for negligence, recklessness, carelessness and/or wantonness that led to the plaintiffs’ injuries and to Sutton’s wrongful death.

The 18 wheeler accident lawsuit also asserts claims against Peterson for negligent hiring, training, and supervision; negligent entrustment of the semi truck; and negligent maintenance of the tractor trailer.

The plaintiffs are seeking medical expenses, compensatory and punitive damages, interest, and costs.

Were You Injured in a Semi Truck Accident?

When a semi truck is involved in an accident, the damage can be devastating.. Due to the 18 wheeler’s massive size, an accident that occurs at highway speeds can cause catastrophic injuries and/or fatalities.

Survivors of the accident will often be faced with substantial medical expenses and may face a lengthy recovery period during which they may not be able to work. If a loved one is killed, the surviving family members must cope with the unexpected death and may suffer significant emotional and financial effects.

If you or a loved one were injured in a semi truck accident, contact the experienced attorneys at McDonald Worley to learn about your legal options.. Our personal injury lawyers are experienced at investigating and litigating semi truck accident claims, fighting tirelessly to help the injured parties get the maximum amount of compensation for their physical, emotional and financial losses.. Contact us today for a free consultation.Disclaimer: McDonald Worley is not representing the plaintiff in this lawsuit. 


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