Risperdal Risk Lawsuits Allege Side Effects Weren’t Explained

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Risperdal risk lawsuits have become increasingly prominent in recent years as more patients who took this popular antipsychotic discover that there are serious side effects associated with short and long-term use.

Those plaintiffs in recent Risperdal risk lawsuits recently received approval to seek punitive damages under a ruling established by the Pennsylvania Superior Court.

Plaintiffs were previously prevented from being able to pursue punitive damages and Risperdal lawsuits since New Jersey laws applied to Risperdal cases.

Johnson & Johnson is based in New Jersey and because of the application of those laws, the punitive damage awards were barred.

Punitive damages are only awarded in Risperdal risk lawsuits and other personal injury or liability cases in which defendants are being punished for very harmful behavior.

Patients who filed Risperdal risk lawsuits may be using this action as a chance to recover compensation for their own injuries, but lawsuits against a drug manufacturer also send an important message that could help to prevent future patients from suffering from similar injuries.

The Risperdal lawsuits consolidated in the Philadelphia include more than 6,000 allegations from young men and boys who say that they developed gynecomastia while taking the medication.

The Risperdal risk lawsuits say that the manufacturer knew or should have known about the risks and failed to warn consumers so that those patients could make an informed decision.


Impact of the Risperdal Risk Lawsuit Ruling

A three-judge superior court panel in the Risperdal risk lawsuits recently determined that punitive damages will be allowed and the response from a Johnson & Johnson spokesperson was that they were very disappointed in the ruling.

risperdal-injuryPast jury verdicts in similar Risperdal cases have been as high as $70 million. When punitive damages can be recovered, the amount accessible to someone affected in the lawsuit may be much higher.

The ruling will also apply to those plaintiffs who have already gone to trial. Those who received jury verdicts for other damages may be eligible to initiate new Risperdal risk lawsuits to seek punitive damages.

Plaintiffs’ attorneys associated with the Risperdal risk lawsuit claims consolidated in Philadelphia hope that the establishment of punitive damage availability will encourage the defendant to settle the remaining cases.


Gynecomastia Connection to Risperdal

Gynecomastia is a condition that can cause physical and emotional damages for a young man or boy who ultimately develops breasts.

Gynecomastia, as argued in the legal claims, is a serious side effect about which patients should have been warned prior to taking the medication.

Plaintiffs blame the development of female breasts and other serious side effects on the defendants who have been accused of fraudulently concealing the devastating risks.

Anyone who has been negatively affected by Risperdal risks and has suffered the consequences because of it may be eligible to pursue a lawsuit with the help of experienced attorneys.

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