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The number of patients alleging Risperdal problems is growing, and many of them are choosing to hold the manufacturers responsible by filing defective drug lawsuits. Many male patients unexpectedly experienced gynecomastia, or the development of female breasts, but a broad range of serious side effects may affect all users.

Risperdal is a common antipsychotic drug usually given to patients experiencing schizophrenia. The drug is also prescribed for those patients suffering from irritability tied to autism, bipolar disorder, and schizoaffective disorder.

The drug was initially approved by the FDA in 1994, but since that time many patients have come forward to report side effects. At the time the drug was approved to be on the market, it was considered safer than other antipsychotics.

Risperdal problems, however, became apparent shortly after the drug became popular in the medical community for treatment of several issues. Patients began to share Risperdal problems, such as the sudden development of breasts in male patients. Many of these patients say they were never warned about the risks.

While all medications carry some level of side effects, manufacturers are responsible for carrying out the right testing to ensure that patients don’t face unnecessary risks. When patients are not told of the prospective problems and are left to deal with the consequences, those patients may file lawsuits.

Risperdal problems run the gamut from minor issues all the way to severe side effects that could impact the user’s life dramatically. Various factors, such as the dosage, will impact to what extent a user experiences Risperdal problems.

Minor side effects associated with Risperdal often include complaints of agitation, anxiety, and balance issues. Any patient who experiences these may wish to consult with their doctor about whether continued usage of the drug is worth the potential risks.

Certain Risperdal problems have been tied to what is known as severe expression, or a major impact on the patient’s life because of the use of the medication. In general, these include the feeling of being unable to sit still, a constant sinus infection, eyesight issues, Parkinson-like symptoms, dyskinesia, and extrapyramidal reaction.

Risperdal lawsuitsMany patients have reported temporary memory loss while on the drug, in addition to continuous issues with focus.

A person experiencing Risperdal problems might ultimately decide to stop taking the drug and to find an alternative.

Risperdal problems may make it difficult for a patient to live their life normally or to get additional medical help for the new issues.

Patients who believe that they were never fully informed about the risks of the drug might choose to share their problems with a doctor or even an attorney. When Risperdal problems are severe and impact the patient’s ability to function or hold down a job, the manufacturer could be held responsible for not telling the medical community and patients about the risks.

If you or someone you know has already been impacted by Risperdal problems, schedule a consultation with the legal team at McDonald Worley.