Risperdal Breasts are Drug Side Effect, Lawsuits Claim

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Taking any medication carries some risk of side effects but boys who developed Risperdal breasts are coming forward to file lawsuits against the makers of the popular antipsychotic.

According to the lawsuits against Johnson & Johnson, young men and boys developed Risperdal breasts without any awareness of the severe risk of such a side effect at the time they were prescribed the medication.

The lawsuit alleges that the adult antipsychotic was inappropriately marketed for children in an aggressive manner to meet sales goals for Johnson & Johnson.

Research shows that Risperdal raised the prolactin levels in the body which could trigger the development of female breasts. This condition is also known as gynecomastia and a growing number of young men and their families have initiated Risperdal breasts lawsuits as a result. A large percentage of boys who used the drug may be at risk for Risperdal breasts.

One recent Tennessee case, for example, involved a 4-year-old boy who was initially prescribed the medication to treat behavioral problems in 2003. Now that young man is 18-years-old and has 42D size breasts.

what causes man breasts?Thousands of young men have lined up to sue after the development of Risperdal breasts because the condition cannot be reversed unless they go through surgical removal.

Some of these patients have been successful in recovering settlements based on their Risperdal breasts. One 2016 case involved a settlement of $76 million.

For young and developing boys, the Risperdal breasts caused teasing in school and also required a surgical procedure for removal. By the time the boys realized what had happened, surgical intervention may have been the only avenue available to rectify the problem.

Family members for these boys believeย they would have selected another drug if they knew about the risks. Those same family members believe the drug manufacturers downplayed the connection to push sales.

The primary basis of these lawsuits is whether or not the medical community and the consumers receiving the drug were appropriately notified about the gynecomastia side effects of Risperdal.

One of the primary allegations in many of these Risperdal lawsuits is prescribing these drugs off label, which means allowing them to take the medication for uses that are not yet approved by the FDA or properly tested. Originally the FDA approved Risperdal in 1993 to treat adult patients who have schizophrenia.

Since doctors are free to prescribe drugs as they see fit, many of the families of boys who developed Risperdal breasts believe that Johnson & Johnson marketed these medications to make more revenue without properly warning the patients about the risks.

If you developed Risperdal breasts after being prescribed the medication, you may have grounds to pursue a lawsuit with the help of the attorneys at McDonald Worley.ย