Reversal of Risperdal Defense Verdict Provides Win for Victims

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An appeals court in Pennsylvania has overturned a Risperdal defense verdict that came back in a Johnson & Johnson product liability lawsuit about the popular antipsychotic, Risperdal.

Risperdal has been tied to thousands of cases of development of gynecomastia or breast growth in men.

The Risperdal defense verdict calls for a separate trial and eradicates the only win that the drugmaker had been able to achieve in a series of Risperdal cases.

The Pennsylvania Superior Court determined that the Risperdal defense verdict should be overturned because the trial judge erred by allowing testimony from a medical professional who suggested the plaintiff’s male breast growth was the result of weight gain and not caused by taking Risperdal.

The appeals court reversed that defense verdict and requested a new trial. The new trial, however, will only focus on damages and causation.

To date, manufacturers of Risperdal only had this one success under their belt in terms of defending these lawsuits. In light of the fact that the Risperdal defense verdict was reversed, however, other young men who suffered from development of gynecomastia may consider coming forward to file their own legal claim.

Severe Side Effects of Risperdal Use

The controversial antipsychotic medication may cause development of breast tissue that can only be removed with surgery.

Many patients and family members of young men who were prescribed Risperdal began to develop breasts and allege physical, emotional, and financial injuries tied to having to reverse the condition. Over 5,500 Risperdal lawsuits are currently pending in the courts in Philadelphia alone.

risperdal lawsuit alleges Gynecomastia side effectsMany additional Risperdal lawsuits have been filed in recent years as more young boys and families discover that the medication may have caused breast growth. Representative cases have been given trial dates.

Many of these are referred to as bellwether cases since they are designed to determine how juries may respond to plaintiff claims of severe side effects.

Plaintiffs in other Risperdal lawsuits have alleged that the company knew or should have known about the high risk for developing gynecomastia and failed to warn physicians or patients about the possible risk.

For a young man diagnosed with gynecomastia, invasive surgery may be the only way to stop the condition. Most of the family members who have filed these lawsuits allege that the young men have suffered emotional as well as physical injuries for which the manufacturer should be held responsible.

Several different juries have already returned major verdicts for young men and boys left with the side effect of gynecomastia alleging that the drug manufacturers failed to give this information to the medical community and families.

If you developed breast growth after taking Risperdal, you may have grounds to pursue a personal injury claim against the manufacturer.

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