Fraudulent Telemarketing Operation Shut Down – They Had Victims in Texas

Attorney General Andy Beshear announced that his office managed to shut down a fraudulent telemarketing operation from Glasgow, Kentucky. The telemarketing operation was operating across Texas, Kentucky and Tennessee. Consumers were promised money recovery from lost investment frauds for a non-refundable “research fee.” The owners of the Kentucky Corporation (Vickery Enterprises and Vickery-Young & Associates)…

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Do I Need to File for Bankruptcy?


Are you contemplating filing for bankruptcy because you feel in over your head and are not sure what to do next? Many people who file for bankruptcy will sit down initially with an experienced attorney at the outset of their case to figure out what is in their best interests. Bankruptcy is a nerve-wracking idea…

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Common Ways to Stop Foreclosure

common ways to stop foreclosure

If you are interested in learning how to stop foreclosure, there are many different steps that you can take to protect yourself before your house is taken away from you. Far too many people wait until it is too late to stop foreclosure and expose themselves to the loss of one of their greatest investments.…

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