Opioid Crisis Lawsuit Filed on Behalf of Illinois Residents

In the wake of a rising opioid epidemic throughout the United States, an opioid crisis lawsuit has been filed in Illinois.

According to the opioid crisis lawsuit, drug manufacturers are responsible for generating a campaign of deceptive, false and unfair assurances grossly understating the dangerous risk of addiction associated with opioid drugs. Both indirect and direct marketing methods were named as the manufacturers’ responsibility for failing to warn consumers about the high risk of addiction when using opioid medication.

The opioid crisis lawsuit was filed against a number of pharmaceutical companies who allegedly unlawfully sold or caused to be sold millions of prescription opioids affecting residents of Christian County, Illinois. The plaintiffs in the opioid crisis lawsuit argued that this unlawful conduct led to the widespread and foreseeable movement of prescription opioids into the illicit market, causing public safety and health issues affecting the county and the state.

opioid crisis lawsuitSome of the most common issues associated with the opioid crisis lawsuit include addiction, abuse, mortality and morbidity. The opioid crisis lawsuit was filed on behalf of residents to eliminate the public safety and health hazard allegedly caused by the opioid epidemic as well as the public nuisance generated as well.

Manufacturers are accused of aggressively pushing highly addictive and dangerous opioids while also falsely representing to physicians that patients would rarely be affected by drug addiction. These dangerous opioids turned far too many patients into drug addicts and according to the opioid crisis lawsuit, were caused by the intentional actions of the pharmaceutical manufacturers.

Opioid Crisis Sweeps Nation

The opioid crisis has swept the nation, with many people becoming addicted to the drugs after receiving them for seemingly legitimate reasons such as car accidents or other severe pain. Unfortunately, however, patients allege they were never properly warned about the high risk of addiction and therefore face devastating consequences when they attempt to stop taking the drug and are unable to do so.

This has created an illegal market for the medicines as well and high healthcare costs in terms of addressing needs for overdose and addiction treatment. Illinois is one of several states that, through the attorney general, is pursuing legal action in the form of an opioid crisis lawsuit to hold those manufacturers responsible.

The opioid crisis lawsuit aims to obtain the costs for providing medical care for patients who are suffering from opioid related addiction or disease, the costs for providing care for infants born with opioid related medical conditions, the costs for providing counseling and rehabilitation services, the costs linked to law enforcement and public safety tied to the opioid epidemic and costs associated with providing care for those children whose parents have suffered from opioid related incapacitation or disability.

If you or someone you know has been seriously affected by these issues, you may have grounds to file an opioid addiction lawsuit. Contact the experienced attorneys at McDonald Worley today to learn more.



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