One Woman Died, Two Others Injured in Shooting in Northeast D.C

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A woman lost her life, and two others were injured during a shooting in Northeast DC in an apartment on Saturday morning.

Police officers found a man who had stab wounds and gunshot injuries. Two women had several gunshot wounds. The victims were in their home in the 1700 block of Capitol Avenue NE about 5:15 a.m.

The woman who lost her life was thirty-eight-year-old Alayna Dawnielle Howard.

The injured victims were conscious and breathing when the doctors arrived on the scene.

The injured man said that he was scared for his life and believed that the attacker was going to kill him. He stated that the woman who lost her life was his girlfriend.

The victim said that the attacker, forty-eight-year-old Vaughn Alexander Kosh, is his neighbor. According to his statement, the man kicked the door of the apartment, stormed inside, and started shooting.

He shot the man who started fighting him off. The suspect carried a knife and stabbed the victim in the upper leg and across his face.

The man said that the attacker was not provoked anyhow.

Shortly after the incident, police arrested Kosh of Northeast. He is charged with first-degree murder while armed and assault with intent to kill.

For now, police did not release any motive for the attack and murder.

The woman’s death is the 160th murder in Washington, D.C, for 2019.

After the murder, several streets were closed, while police were investigating the case.

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