Two People Die in a Truck Accident in Houston

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The police reopened the main lanes of U.S. 290 Northwest Freeway at West Tidwell Road on Saturday morning after the road was closed after a fatal two-vehicle crash.

Two people died in the accident in northwest Houston on Saturday morning when a truck crashed with a Toyota Corolla, the police said.

The accident occurred on the Northwest Freeway, near West Tidwell Road.

The police got a report around 2:20 a.m., about a truck going the wrong way in the main lanes of Northwest Freeway. Officers in the area were searching for the truck but ended up responding to a fatal crash.

The driver of the Toyota Corolla died at the scene. The truck driver was transported to a nearby hospital in critical condition. He later died from the severity of his injuries, the police informed.

The main lanes of the Northwest Freeway were closed at West Tidwell Road while investigators were at the scene.

Both drivers’ identities were not released immediately.

Truck accidents put other traffic participants at a high risk of severe injuries and death. These vehicles are large and heavy, and when they collide with a car, the outcomes are pretty disturbing.

Speeding, driving in the wrong direction, or driving under the influence are just of the few reasons why such accidents happen.

Being injured in a truck accident is not a joke. The medical expenses will be extremely high since the recovery will require a long time and proper medical care. During that time, the victim won’t be able to work; therefore, he or she will lose wages.

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