Two People Are Dead and One Injured in a Two-vehicle Accident in Las Vegas Valley

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Two people lost their lives, and one was critically injured in a two-vehicle accident that occurred on Saturday in the western Las Vegas Valley.

The crash happened at 11:11 a.m. at the intersection of South Fort Apache Road and West Tompkins Avenue.

Two people in one of the vehicles died at the scene, the Metropolitan Police Department reported in a statement. A seventy-eight-year-old man who was in the other vehicle was seriously injured and was taken to a hospital and was in serious condition.

For now, the police don’t know the reason for the crash or if the drivers were impaired.

According to the police statement, the seventy-eight-year-old man was driving a 2018 Dodge Challenger north on South Fort Apache Road close to the intersection with West Tompkins Avenue.

The car got into the southbound lanes and crashed the front of a 2017 Hyundai Elantra that was driving south on South Fort Apache Road.

Police informed that the driver and passenger in the Hyundai were pronounced dead at the scene, while the driver of the other vehicle was taken to University Medical Center.

The accident killed the twelfth and thirteenth victim this year that occurred within the Metropolitan Police Department’s jurisdiction. The police are still investigating the accident.

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