Toddler Hospitalized With Brain Swelling After Driver Runs Red Light

A two-year old toddler was hospitalized with brain swelling after a collision was caused when the driver of another vehicle ran a red light, ABC13 reports. This injury was caused even though the child was strapped into a car seat. However, the Harris County Sheriff’s Office says that his injuries would have been much more severe if he had not been in the car seat.

Both drivers claim that they had a green light and were not at fault in causing the collision. Deputies say that the matter is still under investigation but that neither driver showed signs of impairment after the event occurred.

The Sheriff’s Office seems to be placing the focus on the importance of parents ensuring that their children are safely and securely strapped into a vehicle to prevent serious injury. However, there are other matters of great importance that should also be addressed.

Was the driver of the vehicle that allegedly ran the red light speeding? Was he texting or on a call on his phone? A driver does not need to be intoxicated, driving under the influence or be impaired in some other way to be at fault in causing an accident.

These are matters that must be addressed during the investigation. If the driver can be found to have been negligible in any way or that his actions resulted in the collision, the family of the injured toddler may have legal recourse.

Firstly, they can claim for medical expenses related to their child’s injury. They can also pursue charges against the driver responsible for the collision. For example, the driver may have their license suspended, receive a fine for any infraction of the law or even serve jail time.

It is important for drivers to understand their rights when they have been in a collision where a third party was at fault and seek legal advice regarding the matter.

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