Saudi Shooter Went on Holiday in NYC, Watched Killing Videos Before Mass Shooting in Pensacola

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Saudi Royal Air Force officer fatally shot three people in a mass shooting in Pensacola, Florida.

Naval Air Station was hosting a dinner party for the countrymen in the days before the shooting. They spent their time watching mass shooting videos.

Mohammed Saeed Alshamrani was the second lieutenant who was getting aviation training at the base. He also visited New York City with his companions, Saudi military students.

They visited several museums and the Rockefeller Center.

Investigators were not sure whether the men met other people while they were in New York. It all seemed that their trip there was nothing but a holiday.

Just a day before the shooting, the four men watched horror videos together. On Friday morning, one of the Saudi students was recording a video outside the classroom while Alshamrani was shooting.

The two other men watched from a car, while Alshmrani was shooting from a semi-automatic handgun, equipped with an extended magazine. He opened fire early in the morning, sometime before 7 a.m., inside a classroom at Naval Air Station.

He murdered three people and wounded two sheriff’s deputies before one of them finally killed him. Eight other people were injured in the rampage.

The three men, who took part in the mass shooting watch party, are believed to be among the ten Saudi students from the base.

It is unknown whether Alshamrani acted alone or if the shooting was a terrorist attack.

On the morning of the shooting, several tweets appeared on an account, which is believed to be Alshmrani’s. The tweets were condemning the USA and Americans for helping Israel and sending troops to “our lands.”

“Do you expect to transgress against others and yet be spared retribution?” said one of the tweets, which later was deleted.

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