One Dead and Five Injured In Residential Hotel Fire in L.A

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One person lost their life, and five others were injured when a two-story residential hotel caught on fire. The incident occurred early on Friday in the Mid-City area of Los Angeles. According to the authorities, people were forced to escape through windows.

Nicholas Prange, the Fire Department spokesman, informed the reason for the fire was a space heater that was too close to combustible materials. The blaze has been ruled accidental.

Brian Humphrey, the Fire Department spokesman, informed that a man and a woman, were severely injured and another man was in critical condition.

One of the victims got treatment for lacerations was in stable condition, and another one was taken to a hospital by a family member.

Witnesses say they saw smoke and that people were running out, yelling ‘fire.’

The fire was reported in several units and both floors of the Venice Hotel on Venice Boulevard around 2 a.m.

One hundred five firefighters were putting the fire out for almost forty minutes.

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