NYC Father Who Stabbed His Two-Year-Old-Son and Girlfriend Charged With Attempted Murder

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A Brooklyn father stabbed his two-year-old son, and his girlfriend, with a sharp-edged comb, now faces charges for attempted murder, child endangerment, and assault.

Twenty-six-year-old Javier Perez, intentionally attacked his girlfriend and his son. He used the comb to puncture his son’s temple and to cut his girlfriend. The horror was happening inside the family’s home in Clinton Hill.

The toddler was immediately taken to the nearest hospital, where he listed with serious injuries; the boy was treated, and he is in stable condition.

The twenty-four-year-old mother also received medical help for the cuts on her leg and forearm; she was later discharged from the hospital, police informed.

During the horrific attack, there were two other children present, an eleven-month-old and a twenty-one-month-old. They were not injured, police said.

Residents of the building said they heard screams coming from inside the apartment early in the morning (sometime before 8 a.m.), and they called the police. The neighbors were shocked by the incident; they were not able to believe that such a crime could happen in their safe building. Perez was taken for a psychiatric evaluation in Maimonides Hospital. He was arraigned in Brooklyn Criminal Court on Sunday.

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