New York Among States with Vaping Victims

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Vaping is very popular among young Americans, even though it brings some serious risks. New York among states with vaping victims. As of Tuesday, the number of lung injuries caused by vaping rose to 1888. These injuries were caused by e-cigarette products in a total of 49 states (including the District of Columbia and the US Virgin Islands). Only last week, the number of e-cigarettes lung injuries was 1604.

The CDC identified 37 fatal cases in 24 states, including New York, Texas, Florida, Connecticut, Kansas, Oregon, Tennessee, California, Indiana, Alabama, Nebraska, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Utah, Virginia, the District of Columbia, Florida, Massachusetts, Delaware, Missouri, Mississippi, Georgia, Minnesota and Montana.

The victims are mostly young people aged twenty-four and younger. The youngest victim was seventeen years old.

The CDC still needs to identify the official causes of this outbreak, even though the only common thing in every case was vaping e-cigarettes. The victims who were using e-cigarettes died after using THC products.

There is more than one cause of these deaths, although the latest data shows that the products contained THC, in most cases, purchased off the street or other sources like illicit dealers, friends, or family members). The CDC believes that this plays a major part in these deaths.

Several American states have limited the sale of e-cigarettes; Massachusetts completely banned vaping products. For now, New York prohibits most flavored vaping products.

President Donald Trump said federal officials are going to ban flavored e-cigarettes off the market.

Flavored vaping products are mostly purchased by adolescents.

Although legal vaping stores are convincing their customers that their products are not risky (like the ones purchased off the streets), still, the best way to avoid the risk of any lung disease is to avoid e-cigarettes.

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