Man Dies in a Truck-Car Accident in Southeast Houston

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Houston police informed that a man was killed in a car accident on Friday evening in Southeast Houston.

Officers got a call around 5 p.m. about a car accident in the 6100 block of Griggs Rd.

According to the Houston Police Department, a man driving a Toyota Yaris was turning left but turned in front of oncoming traffic.

A father and a son were traveling in a truck crashed into the car, causing the two vehicles to hit a food truck. The man who drove the car suffered severe injuries and was transported to a hospital where he died later that day.

The father driving the truck did not suffer any injuries; his son had minor injuries and was taken to the hospital.

When a truck takes part in an accident, the risk of fatal outcomes is elevated compared to a car accident.ย  The injuries that drivers and their passengers suffer in a truck accident can result in high medical treatment expenses lost cases, lifetime health issues, and inability to work.

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