Houston Pedophile Gets Indefinite Time In a Lockdown Facility

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Houston pedophile gets indefinite time in a lockdown facility. A forty-eight-year-old man with a pedophilic disorder was committed to a lockdown facility because he was “too sexually violent.” Harris County District Attorney informs that his lockdown is indefinite and will not be released from prison soon.

Arthur Jackson III was sentenced to fifteen years in 2008 after he was found guilty for sexual abuse of three girls aged 4, 8, and 13.

In 2006, Jackson was charged with sexual molestation after he molested his friend’s eight-year-old daughter in his home, officials informed. Jackson was released on probation but was arrested for molesting another four-year-old girl. It was not until a thirteen-year-old girl accused the man of sexual molestation of six years. Jackson pleaded guilty to every allegation and got fifteen years behind bars.

According to a forensic psychologist, Jackson has a pedophilic disorder. This knowledge helped the jurors rule that Jackson should be committed to a lockdown facility for an indefinite time. Jackson’s case will be reviewed every two years, the district attorney office informs.

By the law of the state of Texas, sexual predators are allowed to be committed to lockdown facilities.

Many victims never report sexual molestations; some of them are too young to understand what is happening; the older victims are scared or ashamed. Only 3-10% of childhood sexual molestation cases are reported.

Pedophilia occurs in every culture and race; the predator could be anyone (close relative, friend, even a parent) and could be at any society level.

At least 30% of the adult male victims and 16% of female victims never say anything, even to their parents. The main reason for the silence is the fear that nobody would believe them.

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